Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Golf Course Renovation Update

We are now entering the 7th week of the golf course renovation and almost reaching the halfway point of the construction phase. Landirr, Inc. has been extremely busy and has some sort of construction happening on 14 of the 18 Holes as well as the practice area.

Over the next couple of weeks construction efforts will focus on completing some of the finer details to the impacted golf Holes as they prepare for sod and sprigs to be installed. This includes irrigation, bunker modifications, fairway shaping and tee leveling. By mid-June, 10 of the golf holes will be planted with grass and the grow-in portion of the project will commence in earnest.

The rock wall at the practice greens has already been modified and expanded to allow for the construction of an improved Chipping green. Soil generated on Hole 1 will be used over the next 10 days to make the necessary changes to provide an improved practice facility.

The rock wall at the practice area has been expanded to allow for an improved Chipping Green

Hole 1 has seen the green elevated by over 2 feet and some re-working of the right side fairway bunker. A large bunker to the left of the green will create an intimidating approach shot.

Hole 1 greens complex has been elevated and a more appealing bunker installed to the left side

Hole 2 has had the addition of a beautiful rock wall to the greens complex completed. The green has been brought forward with bunkers placed at the front left and rear of the green. The risk/reward shot will become a tough decision for the longer hitters on this Hole.

The new green and rock wall have been completed on Hole 2

Hole 3 has had the green elevated by 3 feet and extended toward the fairway. A bunker to the front right of the green will play an integral part in the shot making decision on this long Par 4.

Hole 3 green has been completed by elevating it by over 3 feet

Hole 4 has had the green elevated by around 1.5 feet and a new green-side bunker installed along the right edge of the putting green. The mound that was to the right of the fairway for the second shot has been lowered creating a visual effect that the area around the Green has been widened. The Coquina cart path that crossed in front of the green has been eliminated.

Hole 4 approach looks wider by simply lowering an existing mound and removing the Coquina cart path

Hole 5 has seen some of the most dramatic changes to the original layout with a substantial lake modification to the left of the Hole. The soil generated by this excavation was used to elevate Hole 4 greens complex as well as elevate the tees and green on Hole 5.

Hole 5 has seen substantial changes with a large lake modification to the left of green

A look down Hole 5 from the Back Tee

Hole 6 green has been elevated by over a foot and positioned closer to the rock wall that was created last year. Large mounds at the back of the green help to hide the structures from the neighboring community. Bunkers surrounding the green have been strategically placed and will create a visually pleasing approach.

The new rock wall is now more prominent on Hole 6

Hole 7 green is under construction with the greens drainage currently being installed. The putting surface has been elevated and the back right portion of the green widened to be more receptive to incoming shots. The bunker that was in front of the green will remain and will have some of the "Kipp Shulties" design work completed on it to make it more visible from the fairway.

Hole 7 greens complex is getting drainage installed
Hole 8 is also under construction. The placement of the green has been established and is now awaiting approval from Kipp Shulties this week as to the actual undulations for the putting surface. The green has moved forward by at least 25 yards creating a substantially larger area behind the green. Bunkers have been strategically placed around the new green and will provide a stunning new greens complex.

Hole 8 will be a new Hole with a change in both tee and Green locations

Hole 9 has had the green elevated by over 3 feet to make it the prominent feature of the Hole. It is now visible from the tee and also from the Dining Room of the Clubhouse. A lake modification along the left side was used to create soil to make the changes and creates a more challenging approach to the green. Large bunkers to the left and right of the putting surface will provide an intimidating second shot.

The lake to the left of Hole 9 was enlarged to create the necessary soil to elevate the green

Hole 11 has had the modification to the existing rock wall completed. This has allowed for a greater approach area in front of the green to be created. Mounds will be placed behind, and to the left, of the green to create an impressive greens complex.

The rock wall modification is completed on Hole 11 and looks fantastic

Hole 14 has seen the construction of the rock wall in front of the green commence this week. The wall will stretch for over 300 feet and become a prominent feature of this long Par 5.

A new rock wall on Hole 14 commenced this week and will look impressive

Hole 18 has had the green elevated by over 2 feet and the greens complex enhanced to provide for an outstanding finishing Hole. Fairway bunkers are being enhanced and the cart path removed from crossing the Hole. A large bunker to the right of the green will be provide intimidation for the second shot and the mounds behind the green will remain an excellent viewing area for our feature Member tournaments.

Hole 18 is still under construction, however, within 3 weeks grass will be installed on the entire Hole

Construction will continue in earnest over the next 2 months on the remaining Holes 10, 12, 13, 15, 16 and 17. The guided tours of the course will continue throughout the summer for those members remaining on property. The tours have been extremely popular and have been an excellent method to communicate progress and also educate the membership on the construction process.

As always, with any questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Dore-Smith at davidd@copperleafgc.com.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Golf Course Renovation Update

The golf course renovation began on April 13 and has moved along at a rapid pace. The project began in March with the application of Round Up to eliminate the existing turf grass. The application was performed by an outside contractor using GPS technology and sophisticated equipment to accurately apply the product.

Round Up being applied to Hole 6

The application was extremely successful with the green grass soon turning to a straw-brown color as the herbicide took effect. The golf course remained open as the grass continued to die and provided some interesting comments from our golfers as they enjoyed the firm conditions, The greens remained alive until the closing day to provide a quality putting surface and a stark contrast to the surrounding turf grass.

Hole 2 Fairway treated with Round Up

The putting greens remained alive to provide an interesting contrast

Landirr, Inc, our construction contractor will be completing the golf course renovation in stages. It is simply not feasible to work on every hole of the golf course at the same time. The first holes that will be impacted are Holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 18 and the practice greens. These holes are grouped together and makes it possible to move the heavy equipment from hole to hole. Once completed, the next holes to undergo construction will be 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Work commenced quickly on the practice area and Hole 18
If the weather continues to cooperate, all construction work will be completed at the beginning of August allowing sufficient time for the new turf grass to establish and mature. The golf course is scheduled to open in mid November.

For those members that call Copperleaf home for the summer, guided tours of the golf course will be held every two weeks to highlight the changes and help educate members on the construction process.

Over 50 people attended the golf course tour to get an education of the progress
I will continue to update progress of the renovation with photos and videos highlighting the changes to the golf course. It is exciting to see the Master Plan approved by the members being implemented and transform the golf course. Our architect, Kipp Schulties, has been on property weekly to oversee the construction progress and continues to fine tune his plan.

With questions or comments, please contact David Dore-Smith at davidd@copperleafgc.com