Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bunker on hole 11

During the past week, the staff and I completed the renovation of the bunker to the right of hole 11. This bunker had been compromised with foreign material due to the summer rain events and a diminishing sand supply and was in need of an overhaul.

Sod was removed from the perimeter of the bunker to allow for new soil to be added to create a raised mound of turf between the green and bunker. The previous bunker was quite flat and allowed for a fairly easy golf shot back on to the green.

The original bunker sand and perimeter sod is removed

The existing sand was removed and the drainage lines cleaned and inspected to ensure that they are performing correctly. Riaan Potgieter, our Assistant Superintendent, had the idea to create two smaller bunkers rather than one larger one earlier in the year. This would allow golfers to see the depth of the bunkers from the tee and create a visually appealing greens complex. After discussions with Gordon Lewis, our golf course architect, the idea was approved.
The base of the bunker is then cleaned and smoothed to improve drainage and prevent native soil contamination.

Trying to find the correct height for the new bunker face to make it fair yet visually appealing

The base of the bunker is cleaned and the perimeters cut down to provide a defined edge between the bunker sand and turf grass before the new sand is installed

New sand is then placed into the bunkers at a depth of 4 inches around the perimeter to approximately 6 inches toward the center. A vibratory plate is then used to compact the sand to prevent 'fried eggs' and ultimately firm up the hazard to provide a fair shot for golfers.

The sand used in the new bunker is the same sand that has been used at Copperleaf for many years and is mined locally
 Finally, the sod is replaced around the perimeter of the bunkers, top-dressed to fill in any voids, fertilized and watered. The bunkers will remain as 'Ground Under Repair' for 2 weeks to allow the sod to establish and new sand to settle. Overall, the bunker renovation was very successful and now provides a true bunker shot back onto the green as well as an improved view from the tee for all players. I cant thank my staff enough, especially Ricardo Gomez, for their work on this project. There are several other bunkers throughout the course requiring renovation. These will completed regularly throughout the year.

The finished product provides a stark contrast between the new, white sand and the green turf grass surrounding it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Signs

Copperleaf golfers will recognize that the directional signs throughout the course have recently been updated. All existing posts were re-painted with a black stressed metal paint and new signs attached. There were various signs replaced including the cart path stop signs, 'Golf Carts Only - No Pedestrian Traffic', and other informative/directional signs.

In 2012, all existing tee signs that indicate the current hole and yardage distance will be refurbished. The signs will be sandblasted and re-painted black and a new post installed that will sit behind the sign. Overall, the new signs will provide a fresh appearance to the entire golf course. Posted by David Dore-Smith Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance

Drainage Work

As you are enjoying your next round of golf you will notice several areas throughout the course where the sod (turf grass) has been removed from the edge of the cart path. This procedure is being completed to prevent puddles from accumulating on the cart paths and creating an unsightly condition and one that can muddy up our golf carts.

The underlying rhizomes and roots remaining in the soil will quickly regrow providing a smooth transition and healthy turf. These areas will be marked 'Ground Under Repair' until the Bermuda grass has fully grown in; typically a couple of weeks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask at any time.

Posted by David Dore-Smith
Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance

Location:Ardore Ln,Estero,United States

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


During the month of October, Copperleaf received almost 14 inches of rain on top of the 13 inches measured in September. This volume of rain unfortunately has a leaching affect on the fertilizer applied to the turf. Leaching is the affect of moving fertilizer through the soil profile with the use of irrigation water and rain. Ultimately, this renders the fertilizer unavailable as it is out of reach of the plant roots. We will be applying fertilizer to the entire golf course during the afternoon of November 21 to help replenish the nutrient levels in the soil and provide a sustainable food source for the turf grass as we enter the cooler months. The Proshop will be blocking tee times in the afternoon to allow for the fertilizer to be applied without affecting golfers. I also encourage you to replenish fertlizer around your own plants, especially those potentially affected by frosts, during this time of year to help strengthen them before the cool weather arrives. Posted by David Dore-Smith Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance

Location:Copperleaf Golf Club

Grass Clippings

I was asked recently what the dark lines are on the fairways? Due to the volume of rain during recent severe weather events, grass clippings created when mowing the fairways float to the surface and move with the water toward the drainage basins. As the water begins to soak into the soil, the grass clippings are left behind in a clump. The end result is what is now seen below.

As the fairways are mowed and the turf grass continues to grow, these marks will soon disappear. If you ever have any questions you would like answered on this blog, please do not hesitate to ask. Posted by David Dore-Smith Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance

Location:Copperleaf Golf Club