Friday, December 6, 2019

FYI 12/6/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         Tina Fry will be the Manager on duty this weekend and will have everything ready for the Men’s 1 PM Shotgun on Saturday.

·         The greens had a granular fertilizer containing both Nitrogen and Potassium applied to them on Tuesday to keep them healthy and growing as we enter the cooler months and increased golfer traffic. The greens are in very good condition and are receiving many compliments from members and guests.

·         All Fairways were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer and natural fungicide, a mineral oil, on Monday to help promote new growth and recovery from cart traffic.

Hole 10 – December 4, 2019

·         All shrubs around the Clubhouse and Common Grounds were fertilized with a controlled release fertilizer during the week. This application will help promote flowering and new growth over the coming months.

·         We have been continuing with soil erosion areas throughout the course. A combination of new soil, riprap and new plants have been used to help prevent future erosion from occurring.

·         All fire hydrants have been refurbished throughout the Community. This included paint removal, new nuts, bolts and washers and a fresh coat of paint. Compliments to Bonita Springs Utilities for their excellent work – it truly makes a difference as you drive around the property.

·         The pine straw has been applied to the golf course during the week and looks great. A few areas remain to be completed at the beginning of the new year.

·         The decorative bridges were pressure washed and cleaned during the week. I personally completed one of the bridges as my staff were a little concerned on how it was to be done. Compliments to Emanuel Vega for his assistance in getting in the boat and to Doug Garcia and Lena Tovar for helping from the shore.

Pressure washing Hole 4 Bridge

·         It is exciting to see some extra activity in the Osprey nest over the past couple of days. Fingers crossed that these two “love” birds procreate, and we can watch the nesting process.

Our Osprey, a female on the left has found a companion, a male, on the right

·         A vehicle hit a cart crossing sign on Thursday night and has not yet reported the incident. Debris collected from the site indicates that it was a 2015 to 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe or Chevrolet Suburban. I will order a new sign in early January 2020.

The damaged sign found early Friday morning

·         There are going to be many of our staff enjoying their remaining vacation days over the next 4 weeks. With turf growth slowing down substantially, it is a good time of year for our staff to take a much-deserved break.

·         I was able to provide a donated outdoor table and chairs to the staff working at the poolside café during the week. They will be able to use these to have their lunch and have a place to sit down out of view from the Members. The staff were very appreciative.

·         Overall, the golf course remains in good condition. There is some cooler weather forecast for the coming week which will have a negative effect on our warm season grass. I encourage all members to respect the golf course by filling divots, repairing ball marks, keeping 4 wheels on the path around Tees and Greens and driving in the Fairways and not the rough. With your help, the turf will remain in great condition for all to enjoy.

The sunrise to the left of Hole 9 December 4, 2019

FYI 11/29/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         David Forrey is the manager on duty this weekend.

·         The golf course was fertilized with a granular product last Thursday to help maintain the color and health of the turf.

·         All Tees were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer and natural fungicide today, Friday, to help with their recovery from the disease we experienced several weeks ago. Fairways will be sprayed on Monday.

·         All greens were fertilized with a granular potassium product on Tuesday after the morning shotgun. The potassium helps with plant strength and minimizes drought stress. Our greens are in excellent condition and have been receiving many compliments. I appreciate the efforts of our mechanic, Roman Gomez, for his extra attention in keeping the mowers adjusted and sharp daily.

·         Our Tee and Approach mowers have had smooth rollers installed on them, replacing the grooved rollers used during the growing months. The smooth rollers help protect the turf especially where the mowers turn and can potentially dig in. In January our fairway mowers will have smooth rollers installed on them.

·         We have been concentrating on detailing the golf course with trimming, edging and cleaning. Everything from flagsticks to Out-Of-Bounds stakes and Street signs have been sprayed and wiped down. As the saying goes; “The difference is in the details!”
·         Thank you to Tina Fry for her suggestion on cleaning the white Out-Of-Bounds stakes that were showing signs of Algae forming on them.

·         Thank you to Ricardo Gomez for repairing an erosion area near the Blue Tee on Hole 16. The soil had washed away creating a dangerous and unsightly area. The soil was pulled back and riprap installed to prevent future issues.

·         Thank you to Carlos Martinez for trimming Palm Trees throughout the course to provide more sunlight to the turf under them. All Palm trees are scheduled to be trimmed in July next year.

·         There are going to be many of our staff enjoying their remaining vacation days over the next 5 weeks. With turf growth slowing down substantially, it is a good time of year for our staff to take a much-deserved break.

·         Overall, the golf course remains in good condition. There is some cooler weather forecast for the coming week which will have a negative effect on our warm season grass. I encourage all members to respect the golf course by filling divots, repairing ball marks, keeping 4 wheels on the path around Tees and Greens and driving in the Fairways and not the rough. With your help, the turf will remain in great condition for all to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

FYI 11/22/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         Tina Fry is the Manager on Duty this weekend and will be preparing for the Veterans Event 1 PM shotgun on Saturday. We will have USA flags and cup liners on Holes 9 and 18.

·         The Ladies One Day Invitational was a great success with the course and greens receiving many compliments. The decorative tee markers are used on Ladies Day to add a little extra color and flare to their events and it is greatly appreciated by the CLGA.

·         The microdochium, or Pink Snow Mold, disease found on the Tees remains persistent and is becoming noticeable in other areas throughout the course, in particularly the rough. Spot treatments of a labeled plant protectant will be applied early next week to the affected areas.

·         All bunkers were edged this week to eliminate turf encroachment and to provide a crisp definition around the perimeter of the sand. Our bunker appearance continues to receive many compliments from our golfers.

·         The weather continues to provide its challenges. Last weekend there was very little sunshine due to the overcast conditions coupled with dry and cold winds. As previously mentioned, our warm season Celebration bermudagrass does not respond well and begins to lose its dark green color, particularly in the rough where the higher height of cut makes it more susceptible. We will be applying a liquid fertilizer to the Rough this coming week to encourage new growth and improved color.

·         Drainage basins are being leveled throughout the back 9 Holes. Over the years, organic matter builds up and creates a noticeable difference from the top of the basin to the surrounding turf grass. It is a tedious task; however, the finished results provide for a substantially improved appearance and makes it easier for our mowers. Thank you to Luis Altuzar and Matias Andres for their work.

·         The new landscaping plants and annual flowers have been installed at the bathrooms on Hole 4 and 14. The improvements are significant and have already received many compliments from passing golfers. Please know that it will take some time for the plants to mature and fill in. Thanks to Green Committee Member, Helga Reynolds, for her assistance with the project. Compliments to my staff for their efforts this week.

The finished product on Hole 14

·         A new device has been installed on all putting green flags to assist in retrieving your golf ball from the cup. This device eliminates the need to reach into the cup with your hand or the dreaded ball retriever found on some members putters. Golfers simply raise the flag stick up to a height that they can then lift off their golf ball without bending over. Brilliant!
The addition of the device will help protect the integrity of the cup edge throughout the day.

The EZ Ball Remover in use on Hole 3

Hole 3 on November 22, 2019 – Blue Sky and 80 degrees – what a day!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

FYI 11/15/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         David Forrey is the Manager on Duty this weekend and will be preparing for the Neighborhood Challenge 1 PM shotgun on Saturday.

·         The Men’s One Day Invitational was a great success with the course receiving many compliments. We did have the American Flag displayed on Hole 11 for Memorial Day which was greatly appreciated. Thank you to those that have served.

Hole 11 with the American Flag for Memorial Day

·         The microdochium, or Pink Snow Mold, disease found on the Tees has been retreated today with a natural mineral oil product to prevent a reoccurrence. Our greens remain in very healthy condition and are not showing any signs of disease pressure.

·         All greens were verticut last week to reduce leaf density and improve ball speed. This week the greens were edged, topdressed with dry sand, spiked with needle tines, brushed, rolled and fertilized. The spiking helps to relieve compaction, allow oxygen to penetrate the soil to improve root health and to allow water to penetrate the root zone. It is an extraordinary amount of work to have completed in front of play and I appreciate the efforts of our staff to get the job done.

·         Additional sod was installed along the lake bank at the end of Carraway Lakes to improve the appearance in that area. Sod was also installed throughout the common grounds in areas where the turf was declining. The pine straw application scheduled for this week has been delayed by the contractor until next week.

Hole 10 Greens perimeter edged to define the separation between the collar and the putting surface

Topdressing with dry sand on Hole 1 green

Spiking and rolling Hole 3 green

·         The weather has changed over the past week. Overcast, windy and lower humidity conditions have already impacted the quality and appearance of the turf. The higher winds coupled with the drier air desiccate the leaf tissue on the turf causing a discoloration, particularly in the rough where there is a higher mow height. Foliar fertilizers will be sprayed on the turf next week to help maintain the turf color, encourage new growth and provide quality playing conditions.

·         The new annual flowers, Sunpatiens, have been installed in the common grounds and around the Clubhouse. The vibrant colors will look fantastic over the coming months.

·         The plants for the golf course bathrooms have been ordered and will be installed next week to complete the bathroom improvement plan.

·         The front door of the Clubhouse was decorated with week with Fall colors. Thank you to Gail Pinault for her help – as always!

The entrance to the Clubhouse is looking colorful!

·         There was an incident during the week with one of the roofers falling off the roof in Sago Pointe. The individual was airlifted to the hospital where I am told he will be ok.

It is not every day you have a helicopter landing on your golf course. I’m glad everyone is ok.

·         The Green Committee is currently reviewing the Drop Zones on the Par 3’s. Several clubs in the area have installed permanent drop zones to eliminate inconsistencies and difficult lies in the turf. Maybe they should just be eliminated??

An example of a drop area at a local club

Friday, November 1, 2019

FYI 11/1/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         David Dore-Smith is the manager on duty this weekend and what a busy weekend it is going to be! Saturday is the first of the Men’s monthly 8:15 AM shotgun starts. Sunday there is a 1 PM shotgun for a Couples event followed by another 8:15 AM shotgun on Monday morning for the Ladies Interclub competition. Both Wednesday and Thursday are 8:15 AM shotgun starts totaling 5 Shotguns in 6 days. There is no doubt the golfing season has begun.

·         Charz golf event last Saturday was a great success! The golf course received many compliments from the participants, and I was fortunate to have enjoyed the course and the great food at the Clubhouse as a guest of Tom Leonard. Thanks to our staff for putting their best foot forward…again.

·         The weather continues to amaze me. Temperatures still within the mid-90’s has broken records for this time of year. Thankfully we have received some rain during the night hours and the golf course turf continues to respond well to the blue skies and warm weather. Our putting greens are healthy and are receiving many compliments for their condition, speed and consistency. All greens were top-dressed with dry sand on Wednesday to help keep them in top condition.

·         Golf maintenance staff remained busy this week continuing to detail the course. Grasses and shrubs are being trimmed in high visibility areas and weeds being removed from the natural beds in preparation for our pine straw application scheduled for December. All Common Areas will have pine straw applied beginning November 11.

·         All garden beds around the clubhouse, tennis courts and front entrance had fresh mulch applied during the week. Compliments to our staff for navigating throughout the busy parking lot to complete the job in a timely fashion. The finished appearance is a great visual improvement.

·         On Tuesday I was fortunate to play golf with Traci Bichalski and AJ Pasqual at Estero Country Club as part of a Superintendent event. It was great to see another local course and to share ideas with Traci and AJ that we can bring back to Copperleaf but to also feel proud of the conditions that we provide at Copperleaf.

·         I have observed some disease pressure on several Tees on the golf course this week. A sample has been sent to a lab to confirm the pathogen and the areas were spot treated with an appropriate fungicide to stop the spread and to aide in a quick recovery. I am confident that the disease will quickly be under control. As mentioned, with the high temperatures and humidity, the ingredients for disease pressure remain very high as indicated in my weekly weather alerts.

·         My presentation to the FGCU PGM students was a great success. Almost 40 aspiring golf professionals attended the presentation held at the golf maintenance facility. I was able to educate them on having a positive relationship with the golf maintenance staff, open communication within the Club, equipment used to provide the conditions members expect and the challenges faced daily. They were grateful for the experience.

·         Next week we will continue working on the landscaping around the bathrooms and improving the landscaping to the right of Hole 11 greens complex and lake bank as well as completing a sod project along the lake bank at the end of Carraway Lakes Drive.

FYI 10/25/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         David Forrey is the manager on duty this weekend although both Tina and I will be in on Saturday to help set the course for the Charz event. It should be a great day of golf.

·         The golf course was very busy this week with golfers enjoying the wonderful weather. The turf has responded well to last week’s fertilizer application and is showing great definition. Our greens remain in very good condition and are receiving plenty of compliments.

·         Thankfully we received 2 inches of rain last weekend which also raised the lake levels by almost 12 inches. The water level is now at 13.4 feet above sea level and is the perfect level as we enter the golfing season.

·         It was a busy week maintaining the golf course with all bunkers being edged, basins edged and grass around the bunkers mowed with our hover mowers. All tees were top-dressed with sand on Wednesday afternoon. This monthly cultural practice helps to dilute organic matter in the soil and keep the turf in excellent condition. Full compliments to our staff for such a productive week!

·         Due to the warm weather, fertilizer application last week and the rain over the weekend; our rough grass has really started to grow. In fact, it was so high that it almost became unfair to play out of in certain areas. With the Southwest Florida Travelling Women’s group playing an 8:30 AM shotgun start on Wednesday, I decided to come in at 4:30 AM to finish mowing the rough before they teed off. Although not common to have equipment operating at such an early hour, I am certain the golfers appreciated the extra effort. In fact, the rough was mowed two times this week to keep the growth under control and provide quality and consistent playing conditions.

·         We have begun the process of mulching the garden beds around the front entrance, tennis courts and clubhouse. The cocoa brown colored mulch creates a clean, fresh appearance and improves the aesthetics in these areas.

·         On Wednesday next week I will be hosting over 30 students from FGCU’s PGM program. Students will be educated on what it takes to operate a golf maintenance facility including cultural programs, machinery maintenance and member communications. It should be a great event and I am proud to have been asked to participate.

·         Next week we will be working on the landscaping around the bathrooms and improving the landscaping to the right of Hole 11 greens complex and lake bank.

·         On a personal note, I was recently featured in a promotional video for our Trimax Snake rough mower. It’s always interesting seeing yourself on tv 😊. If you are interested in seeing the video, click on the following link:

Monday, October 21, 2019

FYI 10/18/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The golf course continues to look very good and is receiving many compliments from both year-round and returning members. Thankfully we did receive a half inch of rain at the beginning of October; however, September was the lowest accumulated rain total for the history of the Club. I am hopeful that we receive some rain this Saturday from the Tropical Depression currently in the Gulf of Mexico. Our lake level is currently at 12 feet 6 inches which is over 1 foot below the same time last year.

Hole 7 October 2019

·         The Muhly grass throughout the golf course is beginning to bloom with its beautiful purple florescence. The flowers typically last 6 to 8 weeks which makes this time of year particularly enjoyable. With “feel like” temperatures still approaching 100 degrees it remains very hot during the day. Thankfully the morning and evening temperatures are beginning to be a lot more enjoyable.

Hole 2 Muhly Grass and Thryallis in full bloom

·         Common ground plant material has been trimmed around the Clubhouse and Common Grounds in preparation for the annual mulch pine straw application scheduled for mid-November. The golf course will have pine straw applied the first week of December.
·         We are currently sanding and repainting the tennis court benches and sunshades. The canvas covers were removed for Hurricane season so before reinstalling, the benches are receiving some needed attention. Compliments to Ricardo Gomez, Mathias Andres and David Forrey for their work.
·         The Verdin clock was installed on Wednesday and has already received many compliments. Overall the project was a great success and I can’t thank Ricardo Gomez, Mathias Andres, Luis Altuzar and David Forrey for their efforts.

The finished Verdin clock located at the Practice Facility

·         Our Osprey has become very active high up on her perch located near the bathrooms on Hole 4. She remains there most of the time watching the golfers drive by and dines on at least one fish every day. I remain hopeful that this is the year she lays eggs.

Single white female looking for mate – enjoys flying and fishing – text 555-BIRD

·         Fire hydrants are beginning to be repainted by Bonita Springs Utilities throughout the Community. This is an arduous task as each hydrant is having new hardware installed, sand blasted, primed and then painted with an epoxy paint. It will take several weeks for this to be completed. The new appearance is wonderful and compliments the neighborhoods.

A primed fire hydrant ready for painting

·         Compliments to David Forrey and the Leadership group for their efforts during my vacation. I am fortunate to have such a strong team that continues to present the golf course to a high standard daily. They simply know what to do.

A beautiful sunrise on Hole 18 as the green and fairway get mowed for the days play

Friday, October 18, 2019

FYI 10/4/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The golf course continues to look great with the greens in superb condition. The weather has been very surprising for this time of year with the lack of rain. We only experienced a ½ inch of rain for the month! That is by far the driest September on record for Copperleaf. Thankfully our lakes have been full since May and so our water supply is satisfactory at the moment. That being said, it is possible that we will not see substantial rain for many months of which ‘will’ be of great concern. Hopefully by me writing this, the rain gods will surprise us and deliver rain when needed – at night!
·         Plant and tree trimming continued this week throughout the golf course and will be completed next week. Several trees throughout the Community have had branches removed to improve their appearance and structural strength.
·         Common ground plant material will start to be trimmed on Tuesday around the Clubhouse and Common Grounds in preparation for the annual mulch pine straw application scheduled for mid-November.
·         The tennis courts had over 2 tons of new clay added to their surface in preparation for increased tennis play and to replenish the material that gets washed away during heavy rain events. The courts are scheduled to be completely resurfaced in September of 2020.
·         The golf course bathrooms had the irrigation improved around the surrounding garden beds this week. New plant material will soon be ordered and installed to enhance these areas. Thank you to Luis Altuzar and Silvestre Flores for their tireless work digging through the soil and tree roots to add new pipe and sprinklers.
·         The paver installation around the decorative clock was completed this week as well as the plant bed for the annual flowers. The clock is scheduled to be installed on Wednesday, October 16 and will complete the project.

Retaining wall and pavers installed around the clock foundation

Not the clock I was hoping for??

·         The Royal Palms at the front entrance were trimmed this week not only to clean them up but to prepare them for the decorative Christmas lights that will soon be installed. Compliments to Ricardo Gomez and David Forrey for their work high up on the tree lift.

Ricardo high up in the Royal Palms at the front entrance

·         Thanks to David Forrey and Luis Altuzar for helping with the security scanner at the front entrance. A new wire was installed that has eliminated the issue with the scanner not reading bar codes. Thanks to Ray Houle for identifying the problem and coming up with the fix.

David Forrey cutting a thin line through the concrete

·         All fire hydrant reflectors were replaced throughout the community this week. Thanks to Estero Fire Rescue for following through from our communication a month ago. I am now waiting on BSU to refurbish the fire hydrants by the end of the year.
·         I was able to receive a $4,000 credit from BSU after following up with them regarding water leaks experienced at the golf course bathrooms. Just goes to show you never know until you ask!
·         I will be enjoying some time off next week. David Forrey and the leadership group have everything scheduled in my absence and I look forward to not worrying about Copperleaf for the next 7 days 😊