Wednesday, November 2, 2011


During the month of October, Copperleaf received almost 14 inches of rain on top of the 13 inches measured in September. This volume of rain unfortunately has a leaching affect on the fertilizer applied to the turf. Leaching is the affect of moving fertilizer through the soil profile with the use of irrigation water and rain. Ultimately, this renders the fertilizer unavailable as it is out of reach of the plant roots. We will be applying fertilizer to the entire golf course during the afternoon of November 21 to help replenish the nutrient levels in the soil and provide a sustainable food source for the turf grass as we enter the cooler months. The Proshop will be blocking tee times in the afternoon to allow for the fertilizer to be applied without affecting golfers. I also encourage you to replenish fertlizer around your own plants, especially those potentially affected by frosts, during this time of year to help strengthen them before the cool weather arrives. Posted by David Dore-Smith Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance

Location:Copperleaf Golf Club

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