Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bocce Courts

Our Bocce Courts, that were constructed over 3 years ago by the maintenance staff are receiving a face lift during the month of December. The existing surface of the courts will be removed, the base boards replaced with a lower, permanent plastic based product, the courts gravel base compacted and leveled, pergolas re-painted, and the surface re-installed and sanded. The entire project will be completed within a 10 day period with the courts open for play by Friday, December 23. So please, stuff those stockings with a new set of Bocce balls and come out and enjoy the new courts with your friends and fellow members after Christmas 2011.

Posted by David Dore-Smith Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance


Current Golf Course Information

Greens Height: .140

Greens Speed: 10.2

Fairway Height: 0.600

Rough Height: 1.75

Tees and Approaches: 0.500

Current Lake Level: 13.4

Control Level 14'

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