Friday, February 24, 2012

Orange Dots

Some of you have asked what the orange dots are located on the edge of our fairways?
These dots are used by our fairway mower operators to indicate the direction to mow that particular fairway each time. This way, the stripe pattern, that you often see on televised golf events, is seen on our fairways. This is been done to the lead up to the Club Championship event this weekend and provides a different appearance on our Bermuda grass fairways. Unfortunately, due to the natural growth habit of Bermuda grass, these patterns are not easily created and so need to be repeated several times. On cool season grass, where the leaf blades are longer, these patterns are very easy to create and maintain after a single pass of the mower.  
The orange paint, as seen here on hole 3, allows our operators to know exactly where to start their first pass.
I hope you enjoy the patterns this weekend; good luck to those members playing in the 3 day event.

Hole 6 with the mowing stripes cut into the fairway.

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