Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rock Wall

As the summer weather approaches, so does the preparations for our summer golf course enhancements.
This year, the most significant project will be the construction of a rock wall along the lake bank of the chipping green and putting green.

The current view of the rock wall location from hole 18

A modification to our lake system permit is currently being submitted to the South Water Management District, as well as The Brooks Community Development District.

Once these approvals have been received, work will commence on transferring the rocks, currently held at the maintenance facility, to the area between the two practice greens. A large wheel loader will be rented to move these heavy boulders.
The rocks will be put into place using a rented excavator capable of positioning the rocks in their desired location.

The completed rock wall will then be back filled with soil to level the current practice area and provide increased area for all members to enjoy.

The rock wall will be visible from hole 18 as well as the club house and help contribute to improving the overall appearance of the area.

I will keep you informed as the project gets underway some time in May. Please be careful around the construction area as there will be heavy equipment and unstable conditions during the approximately 2 week construction timeline.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

David Dore-Smith

Posted by David Dore-Smith
Director if Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance
Copperleaf Golf Club

Location:Copperleaf Golf Club

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