Monday, February 11, 2013

Golf Course Maintenance

There is constant maintenance, improvements and enhancements carried out throughout the golf course on a daily basis.

Besides the routine course set up practices such as mowing the greens, raking bunkers and installing the cups, our staff remains busy with various improvements to the course including the addition of pine straw in high visible areas, edging grass from cart path edges, bunkers and sprinkler heads and trimming shrubs and trees.

Through the recent member survey and focus group meetings, there was mention of the abundance of the Native grasses throughout the course, in particularly around some of the landing areas and bunkers. The Green Committee, at their January meeting, discussed ways to maintain the integrity of the course but to also be fair for the varying levels of golfers at Copperleaf. It was decided to improve several areas throughout the course including holes 1, 2, 4,9 and 16.

The area to the right of hole 1 was trimmed and fresh pine straw applied

Our staff have been hard at work over the past week "cleaning" these areas by trimming the various shrubs, grasses and trees to improve playability. These revised areas now look fresh and clean and not only allow a golfer to find their errant golf ball, but to also have a chance to advance it toward the green.

The fairway bunker to the left of hole 2 received a welcome make-over as well

The entire maintenance department greatly appreciate all of the positive feedback received during the survey and focus groups and look forward to continuing to improve the golf course for all to enjoy.

Posted by David Dore-Smith
Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance
Copperleaf Golf Club

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