Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hole 13 Improvements

For those of you still residing in Copperleaf over the summer, you will notice the work being undertaken along the roadside of hole 13.

There have been over a dozen new trees planted along the road edge to form a beautiful avenue of trees in the future. All trees are successfully establishing in the area even during the recent dry conditions. A special thanks to Neil Johnson and Flavio Lopez for installing temporary drip irrigation to all of the trees.

The Bemuda grass has been used as a nursery for other projects around the course over the past 3 weeks. The remaining turf will now be sprayed with Round Up to prevent it from growing again.

Within the next two weeks, the area will be planted with new shrubs and plants to complete the project.

I appreciate your patience as we continue to improve Copperleaf for all members and guests.


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