Monday, July 4, 2011

Mole Patrol

For those of you staying at Copperleaf over the past month, you may have noticed quite a bit of activity on hole 12 green.
Unfortunately we have been dealing with a very persistent Florida Mole that has been tunneling into the putting green looking for food and leaving behind quite a mess.

We have been trying all sorts of methods to catch and remove the Mole including coming in at 1 am to see if he moves and dig him up, shards of glass in his tunnel to deter him, smoke bombs, bait laced with poison, Mole traps and even chocolate flavored laxatives!

Unfortunately nothing is working at this stage. However, we will not give up! The sleeves will be rolled up this week in a 'shock and awe' offensive to finally rid the Mole from the area.

Stay posted to see how we do.

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