Friday, September 16, 2011

More rainfall

During the week there was more heavy rainfall causing damage to the course, and in particular, the bunkers. Although the repairs are made within two days to make the bunkers playable again; this additional labor takes away from the many other projects underway throughout the course.

The bunkers on hole 9 were, once again, washed out by heavy rainfall.
 These washouts are detrimental to the playability of the bunkers in the long term as well. Native soil and gravel used for drainage are exposed and are extremely difficult to remove from the bunker sand. Unfortunately, some of this foreign material gets incorporated into the white bunker sand causing inconsitencies from one bunker to another.
All efforts are made to prevent this and to also add new, clean sand to the bunkers. During November and December; once the heavy rain season has finished, many bunkers will have new sand added to them in preparation for the golfing season.

There was also significant thunder and lightning during the storm. In fact, one lightning strike had a direct hit on a sprinkler along hole 14 rough. The force of the lightning was so powerful that the sprinkler head literally exploded causing water to flood the area until we arrived early the next day. Thankfully, the lightning surge protector in the control box sacrificed itself to protect other major components.

This sprinkler exploded out on the golf course and the electrical current traveled underground to the control box causing the electrical board to short circuit.

The take home message here is to please listen for the lightning detection warning sirens and take shelter at the clubhouse. Copperleaf is not immune to a direct hit from lightning. Sprinklers can be replaced!

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