Friday, September 16, 2011

Practice tee and Par 3 tees Open

As of today, September 16, the practice tee and par 3 tees will be open for normal play.

These areas were reconstructed in June and have now matured sufficiently to allow for regular play to resume.

Back in June, the original turf was removed to a depth of 2 inches and then leveled using additional soil. The level surfaces were then re-grassed with a new variety of Bermuda grass; 'Celebration'. The Celebration quickly established and was allowed sufficient time to mature and become stable. It will take one full season for the turf to fully mature and develop a significant root system; however, with increased fertility and cultural practices, the playing surface will be presented to a very high standard on a daily basis.

The practice tee has been leveled and re-grassed an is now open for play

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