Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hole 18 tees

As you are playing your next round of golf, you may notice a change on the 18th Blue and White tee complex. These two tees have been enlarged to utilize as much playing surface as possible. In fact, the White tee is now two tiered, increasing the length of the hole slightly The increased tee area will allow for improved playing conditions as the turf will have a greater period of time to recover before the tee markers are placed in the same location. The newly mown turf will take approximately two weeks to adapt to the new mowing height. All tees are scheduled to be top dressed with sand tomorrow as part of our cultural practices. The sand on these new areas will help protect the turf and encourage new growth.

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Location:Copperleaf Golf Club


Current Golf Course Information

Greens Height: .140

Greens Speed: 10.2

Fairway Height: 0.600

Rough Height: 1.75

Tees and Approaches: 0.500

Current Lake Level: 13.4

Control Level 14'

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Copperleaf GC Gallery

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