Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tropical Depression Rain Event

Overnight, the golf course received almost 5 inches of rain that saturated the already wet soil. This rain event added to the over 1 inch of rain received Monday and now puts the monthly total at 9 inches.

This volume of water caused our lakes to rise by over 1.25 feet and prevented our usually excellent draining golf course to 'back up'. Ultimately, the golf course was closed for a second day as conditions were simply too wet to allow for play.

Fortunately there was no further rain during the day today and coupled with breezy conditions, should allow for the course to re-open Thursday morning. Please be considerate with where you drive your golf carts as there will still be many wet areas in particularly along the perimeters and low lying areas. There will be signs and stakes placed throughout the course to help guide you to the driest areas.

Work commenced today to start the clean up process and repair the washed out bunkers. This process will take several days to complete and cause many of our other detail projects to be postponed. I appreciate your understanding and patience.

Location:Copperleaf Golf Club

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