Friday, May 11, 2012

Fuel Management

One of my good friends, fellow Australian and Superintendent at Vanderbilt Country Club, Stuart Bothe was asking whether I had ever cleaned out our fuel storage tanks at Copperleaf. I mentioned that we use the recommended fuel filters, both on the tank and on the equipment and that fuel stabilizers are placed into the fuel each time the storage tanks are filled. However, I had never considered cleaning the storage tanks themselves.

He mentioned a local company, Clean Fuel and Tank, that he had recently used and so I called them up. Company owner, Randy Mote, came out to inspect our tanks and observed that our diesel and mixed gas tanks had some fairly significant issues with regard to contamination.

For a reasonable price, Randy was able to return with his filtration equipment and siphon the fuel through various sized screens and filters. Incredibly, Randy removed over 8 gallons of 'sludge' from the 200 gallons currently in the 400 gallon diesel tank.

The image below clearly shows the difference.

The container on the left shows the contaminated quality of the original diesel fuel. The container on the right shows what the diesel fuel now looks like after being filtered

Without question, the results have been significant. Improved fuel economy, increased efficiency of fuel filters and improved engine performance are all benefits achieved by completing this project. Copperleaf will now perform this task bi-annually, or as needed, to maintain the integrity of our fuel stored at the maintenance facility.

Posted by David Dore-Smith
Director if Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance
Copperleaf Golf Club

Location:Copperleaf Golf Club

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