Monday, May 7, 2012

Rough Mowing

It is already that time of year again that our cultural practices to maintain healthy turf begin.
Last week, the mowing height of our rough was lowered from our winter height of 1.5 inches down to the summer height of 1.25 inches. This 1/4 inch reduction helps to remove the 'puffiness' of the thick Bermuda grass and provides a more even turf growth.
In the out of play areas where the grass has experienced little compaction from golf carts, the turf is scalped down and will take 2 to 3 weeks to adapt to the new height. In areas where cart traffic has been abundant, there is little to no effect.

The cart traffic area, seen here on hole 17, shows no effect to the lowered height. The area in the foreground will take several weeks to adjust to the lowered height.

Areas that are scalped down will produce grass clippings that will be cleaned up using the large turf vacuum. This machine, by Harper-Goosen, is new for this year and replaces our 2004 Toro 'Rake-O-Vac' unit. The new machine produces less dust which is great for those members close to the course.

This area of grass clippings will soon be cleaned up by our turf vacuum leaving a consistent area to play from.

In July and August, during our 9 day course closures, the rough will be cut at a height of 1 inch and also verti-cut to remove excessive organic material. This allows water, nutrients and oxygen to enter the soil more efficiently. It also helps to promote an improved ball lie where the ball does not sink down into the turf canopy.

The end result is a healthy and consistent playing surface for all to enjoy.

Posted by David Dore-Smith
Director if Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance
Copperleaf Golf Club

Location:Copperleaf Golf Club

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