Friday, October 4, 2019

FYI 9/27/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·       The golf course is looking great as we approach the weekend. Without question, the weather over the past 10 days has been spectacular with lower temperatures and humidity. Interestingly there has been very little rain over the past 4 weeks which is extremely surprising for September. There is rain forecast next week which will be welcomed.
·       Areas of raised turf along the cart path edges preventing water to enter the drainage system has all been lowered this week. This will be a great improvement in alleviating puddles that form on the cart paths.
·       Plant and tree trimming continued this week throughout the golf course and will be completed next week. Several trees throughout the Community have had branches removed to improve their appearance and structural strength.
·       All common ground plant material will be trimmed over the next 2 weeks in preparation for the annual pine straw application scheduled for mid-November.
·       Tina Fry enjoyed a 3-day seminar revolving around the success of women in golf maintenance. It was a great experience for her and around 30 other women across the country. Copperleaf is fortunate to have Tina working with us as she brings great experience, knowledge and attention to detail – thank you Tina.
·       The golf course bathrooms were pressure washed and cleaned this week. Thank you to Mark and Silvestre for their efforts. Adjustments to the irrigation will be completed next week followed by improvements to the surrounding landscaping. It will be a great improvement to these areas once completed.

Mark and Silvestre at Hole 4 bathroom

·       The retaining wall around the decorative clock was completed this week. Next week a ring of pavers will be installed along with annual flowers in the garden bed. The clock is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday, October 15 and will complete the project.
·       The practice tee will be open for play from the turf on Tuesday, October 1. It is currently in great condition due to not being played on for the past month. The mats will still be utilized on weekends and shotgun events throughout the golfing season to help preserve the turf and allow for new grass to grow. I encourage all golfers to be respectful and follow the guidelines on how to properly hit their shots.

·       We continue to battle Moles on the golf course. These small animals can be quite destructive when they reach the fairways, tees and approaches. We are constantly setting traps and applying baits to remove the animals from the turf. I believe it will be an arduous battle!

Hole 9 Approach on Friday, September 27, 2019

Hole 9 Approach on Saturday, September 28, 2019

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