Monday, October 21, 2019

FYI 10/18/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The golf course continues to look very good and is receiving many compliments from both year-round and returning members. Thankfully we did receive a half inch of rain at the beginning of October; however, September was the lowest accumulated rain total for the history of the Club. I am hopeful that we receive some rain this Saturday from the Tropical Depression currently in the Gulf of Mexico. Our lake level is currently at 12 feet 6 inches which is over 1 foot below the same time last year.

Hole 7 October 2019

·         The Muhly grass throughout the golf course is beginning to bloom with its beautiful purple florescence. The flowers typically last 6 to 8 weeks which makes this time of year particularly enjoyable. With “feel like” temperatures still approaching 100 degrees it remains very hot during the day. Thankfully the morning and evening temperatures are beginning to be a lot more enjoyable.

Hole 2 Muhly Grass and Thryallis in full bloom

·         Common ground plant material has been trimmed around the Clubhouse and Common Grounds in preparation for the annual mulch pine straw application scheduled for mid-November. The golf course will have pine straw applied the first week of December.
·         We are currently sanding and repainting the tennis court benches and sunshades. The canvas covers were removed for Hurricane season so before reinstalling, the benches are receiving some needed attention. Compliments to Ricardo Gomez, Mathias Andres and David Forrey for their work.
·         The Verdin clock was installed on Wednesday and has already received many compliments. Overall the project was a great success and I can’t thank Ricardo Gomez, Mathias Andres, Luis Altuzar and David Forrey for their efforts.

The finished Verdin clock located at the Practice Facility

·         Our Osprey has become very active high up on her perch located near the bathrooms on Hole 4. She remains there most of the time watching the golfers drive by and dines on at least one fish every day. I remain hopeful that this is the year she lays eggs.

Single white female looking for mate – enjoys flying and fishing – text 555-BIRD

·         Fire hydrants are beginning to be repainted by Bonita Springs Utilities throughout the Community. This is an arduous task as each hydrant is having new hardware installed, sand blasted, primed and then painted with an epoxy paint. It will take several weeks for this to be completed. The new appearance is wonderful and compliments the neighborhoods.

A primed fire hydrant ready for painting

·         Compliments to David Forrey and the Leadership group for their efforts during my vacation. I am fortunate to have such a strong team that continues to present the golf course to a high standard daily. They simply know what to do.

A beautiful sunrise on Hole 18 as the green and fairway get mowed for the days play

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