Monday, July 25, 2011

Pump Station

Unfortunately, the pump station was affected by the storm last Sunday which prevented irrigation for two days. One of the components of the system, the Variable Frequency Drive, that controls the 3 pumps had an electrical short circuit that prevented the pumps from running.

In the short term, we were able to use one pump manually to water the greens early in the morning before maintenance work began.

However, due to the high heat during the day and lack of irrigation, some areas on the fairways have been affected by golf cart traffic. The turf was literally so hot that when a golf cart travelled across it, the weight of the vehicle crushes the cells within the plant and causes die-back.

Fortunately, our pump station contractor was able to over night a new component from Texas and the pump station was up and running by Friday night.

The turf will soon recover and be uniform again. To help the maintenance staff, please keep golf carts off any dry looking turf to help prevent this from happening again.

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