Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Project

The road project has begun in earnest this week. The milling of the road edges will take approximately three days to complete. This provides an area for the new asphalt to join with the existing curb with a smooth transition.

Tuesday, the contracted company, Ajax, began patching the various low spots throughout the community. The end result will be a smooth and level surface before the final asphalt application.

Wednesday, Ajax plans to commence laying the final lift on the arterial roads. This process will take several days with completion of Copperleaf Blvd anticipated for next week.

As always, be careful driving to and from your homes over the next two weeks. There are literally dozens of trucks and other machinery working throughout the property.

Your patience and understanding is much appreciated as we continue to provide continued improvements to Copperleaf.

Milling Machine on Stillwater Cay Lane

Evidence of the thin original asphalt is easily visible throughout the Community

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