Monday, January 2, 2012

Cold Weather

Unfortunately, it was inevitable. The beautiful and mild weather we have been experiencing over the past month is coming to an end this week. Temperatures are expected to dip to the mid 30's by Wednesday morning and last for several days. This cool weather has a detrimental affect on our warm season Bermuda grass and so in preparation, our greens were sprayed with liquid fertilizer this morning.

There was a concoction of various fertilizers added to the brew including minor elements Manganese and Magnesium for color and major elements Nitrogen, in a slow release form, and Potassium to aide in withstanding the cooler weather. An important ingredient that was used successfully last year during the cold weather was also added; liquified Sea Kelp. The trace elements in this product stimulate growth during the coldest weather and help provide a deep green color to the grass as can be seen above on hole 15. This dark color actually absorbs more heat from the sun and uses it to maintain higher soil temperatures and ultimately healthier turf. The science behind maintaining healthy turf has evolved substantially over the past decade including wireless underground sensors used to measure soil temperatures and moisture as well as various products within the Superintendents inventory. I am pleased to say that this new technology and forward thinking has been embraced at Copperleaf and the course conditions will be better for it. Stay warm and enjoy your golf. Posted by David Dore-Smith Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance

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