Friday, January 6, 2012

Driving Range Etiquette

Following the reconstruction of the driving range this past summer, I wanted to pass along to our members the correct way to take divots when practicing so that the turf grass remains in playable condition throughout the cooler months when the warm season Bermuda grass is slow to recover.

With some YouTube searches, I was able to find this excellent video describing the correct method to take pratice divots created James Beebe, from Priddis Golf and Country Club in Canada.

As you can see, it is recommended to place your next shot directly behind the previous shot to make a line of divots about 2 to 3 feet long.
Once that channel has been completed, move the ball over several inches and begin the process again.

In this manner, a far greater area is made available for the next golfer to practice from rather than 'connecting the dots' if the divots have been spread out over a large area.

Importantly, this method of taking divots makes it a lot easier for the maintenance staff to fill the voids with sand each morning rather than spreading the diot mix over a large area. Also, Jason Miller and his staff will find it much easier to position the tee stations in the correct location each day as the practice area will be well defined rather than spread out over a large area.

Overall, the practice tee has matured extremely well since re-grassing in June. Fertilizer is applied weekly and the entire tee is top-dressed with sand every two weeks to provide quality conditions for our members and guests to enjoy. Please do your part to keep the practice tee at the high level expected at Copperleaf.

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