Friday, August 23, 2019

FYI 8-16-19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·       The weather conditions over the past week have been challenging to say the least. Rain at all times of the day have made scheduling work on the golf course extremely challenging. Compliments to our staff for their dedication and persistence in preparing the course each and every day.

Lena Tovar mowing her last green in the rain to “get it done”.

·       The weather conditions throughout the entire summer have been extremely challenging. Excessive heat and humidity coupled with high rain fall and cloud cover can easily cause our turf to be under stress. A website that is utilized to help predict disease outbreaks for our area highlights the extreme conditions we have been under for the past 30 days and provides a ‘stress index’. As can be seen in the attached photo, our area has been in the red for the past month. The cultural practices as well as correct fertilizer and plant health product applications have our greens in very good condition at present time.

·       All bunkers, basins, cart paths and sprinklers were edged throughout the course this week
·       All fairways and tees were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer to improve turf health and aide in recovery from the course closure in July.
·       We will continue trimming the plant material throughout the golf course next week including Hole 12 and 13.
·       Work will begin next week on updating the beverage station at the golf course bathrooms. Upgrades will include a new ice maker and improved cup and lid dispensers and an overall improved appearance.
·       The Golf Course Superintendent Event held yesterday was a great success. Over 60 participants enjoyed the hospitality of the golf staff, the food and beverage operation and a pretty nice golf course. Compliments to Mother Nature for not raining and the golf maintenance staff for their outstanding efforts including a 5 AM start. The entire operation received many compliments from the participants. Thank you to Traci and the Membership for allowing the event.

Hole 18 on Thursday, August 15

·       I will be hosting a local Superintendent educational seminar here on Thursday, August 22. It will be held in the clubhouse and will include lunch for 30 to 40 participants. It is an annual event for Superintendents to obtain their Golf Course Best Management Certification that is valid for 4 years. David Forrey will be renewing his certification. Tina Fry and I are currently certified.

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