Friday, August 23, 2019

FYI 8/23/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·       Where did the week go? It has been yet another busy week on the golf course with the weather finally cooperating to allow us to mow all turf grass and present the course to a high standard. In fact, it feels that the weather has finally started to change with cooler mornings and evenings.
·       Greens were verticut, top-dressed, brushed and fertilized this week. Verticutting and top-dressing with sand aides in the elimination of grain, smooths the putting surface and firms the greens. All of this provides a quality putting surface for our golfers.
·       The new beverage stations were installed this week at the bathrooms on Hole 4 and Hole 14. Unfortunately, there was an issue with one of the new ice machines and we anticipate having that issue resolved early next week. There are a few small details to finish next week including touching up some paint, replacing the bathroom signs and the addition of colorful flowers. Overall, it is a great improvement.
·       Trimming continued on Holes 12 and 13 this week and we will continue on Holes 14 and 15 next week as we progress throughout the course. The trimming removes woody material and allows for new fresh growth to occur.
·       Compliments to our mechanic, Roman Gomez, for continuing to organize his office and a multitude of nuts, bolts, washers and various parts that he uses to keep our equipment operating. His new office, as part of the building renovation, has been improved with cabinets and storage bins to allow him to keep everything in plain sight and improve ordering and efficiency. It has been a tedious task but is now nearing completion.
·       Our tees were sprayed with a combination of liquid fertilizers and a seaweed extract this week. The liquified seaweed provides organic substances to our soil that has proven to be extremely beneficial to root growth and ultimately improved turf health.
·       All Fairways will be sprayed over the coming days to continue to improve turf health and provide necessary nutrients. It is critical to allow the turf to strengthen as much as possible during the growing months so that it can withstand the cooler weather and increased golf cart traffic that will soon be upon us.
·       Please remember that the golf course will be closed for 3 consecutive days – September 10, 11 and 12. These days will be used to aerify the greens and granular fertilize the entire golf course.
·       The St. Augustine grass was treated with an insecticide this week to control an outbreak of Chinch Bugs that are damaging to the turf. It will take a week or two for the turf to fully recover and regrow in some of the thin areas.
·       The golf course superintendent Best Management Practices training was a great success this week with over 40 local Superintendents and Assistants attending the class. Our local Chapter leads the State in certified applicators, and I am proud that Copperleaf supports this event by providing a central location. Thank you to the Food and Beverage staff for their efforts. It is greatly appreciated.
·       This week I have requested that Estero Fire replace any missing reflectors used to identify the fire hydrants throughout the property. Likewise, I have requested Bonita Springs Utilities to repaint the deteriorated fire hydrants throughout the Community as their current condition is less than ideal. I am hopeful for a quick response from both parties.

·       You never know what you might see out on the golf course every day, however, I came across this 'hazard' as I was spraying the red hazard paint to the lake banks last week on Hole 18. Be careful out there!

Hole 18 Lake bank 'Hazard'

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