Tuesday, August 13, 2019

FYI 8/9/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The 3-week course closure was a great success with an abundance of cultural practices being completed.
o   All greens were verticut 8 times, aerified 2 times, top-dressed with sand and fertilized.
o   Tees were verti-cut, vacuumed, aerified, top-dressed with sand and fertilized
o   Fairways and Approaches were verti-cut 2 times, vacuumed, aerified 2 times, fraise mowed, raked and top-dressed with sand and fertilized
o   Roughs were scalped, aerified and fertilized
o   The vacuuming and removal of grass clippings generated over 570 yards of material that was hauled off property.

Part of the debris pile

Top-dressing Hole 16 Fairway

·         The turf is now recovering very well and improving every day. Compliments to our employees for working through some extreme heat, humidity, rain and dusty conditions.
·         Our equipment is put to the test during the course closing and we experienced only a few unexpected issues. Compliments to our mechanic, Roman Gomez, for having everything ready and repaired in a timely fashion.
·         The Curfew application completed in June to help control nematodes continues to be successful. An example of this can be seen on Hole 17 where there was a small miss from the applicator and so the Nematodes have continued to damage the turf. Due to this positive response, I have scheduled another application for June 2020.

Hole 17 White Tee – August 2019

     The rain over the past couple of weeks has been extraordinary. There has been rain at all times of the day including lightning that prevents work from being completed and has been extremely frustrating. Compliments to David Forrey for scheduling our staff to complete the work as efficiently as possible whilst maintaining very high standards throughout the course.
·         I enjoyed some time off with my family visiting family members in both Galway, Ireland and London, England. It was fantastic to get away for a while and I can’t thank David Forrey, Tina Fry and the leadership group for their outstanding work in my absence.
·         I will be hosting a local Superintendent event here on Thursday, August 15. It will be an 8:30 AM Shotgun with 50 to 60 expected participants followed by lunch. Member play will be included in the Shotgun. We will be putting our best effort forward to have the course in great shape – let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates.
·         I will be hosting a local Superintendent educational seminar here on Thursday, August 22. It will be held in the clubhouse and will include lunch for 30 to 40 participants. It is an annual event for Superintendents to obtain their Golf Course Best Management Certification that is valid for 4 years. David Forrey will be renewing his certification. Tina Fry and I are currently certified.

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