Friday, November 1, 2019

FYI 10/25/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         David Forrey is the manager on duty this weekend although both Tina and I will be in on Saturday to help set the course for the Charz event. It should be a great day of golf.

·         The golf course was very busy this week with golfers enjoying the wonderful weather. The turf has responded well to last week’s fertilizer application and is showing great definition. Our greens remain in very good condition and are receiving plenty of compliments.

·         Thankfully we received 2 inches of rain last weekend which also raised the lake levels by almost 12 inches. The water level is now at 13.4 feet above sea level and is the perfect level as we enter the golfing season.

·         It was a busy week maintaining the golf course with all bunkers being edged, basins edged and grass around the bunkers mowed with our hover mowers. All tees were top-dressed with sand on Wednesday afternoon. This monthly cultural practice helps to dilute organic matter in the soil and keep the turf in excellent condition. Full compliments to our staff for such a productive week!

·         Due to the warm weather, fertilizer application last week and the rain over the weekend; our rough grass has really started to grow. In fact, it was so high that it almost became unfair to play out of in certain areas. With the Southwest Florida Travelling Women’s group playing an 8:30 AM shotgun start on Wednesday, I decided to come in at 4:30 AM to finish mowing the rough before they teed off. Although not common to have equipment operating at such an early hour, I am certain the golfers appreciated the extra effort. In fact, the rough was mowed two times this week to keep the growth under control and provide quality and consistent playing conditions.

·         We have begun the process of mulching the garden beds around the front entrance, tennis courts and clubhouse. The cocoa brown colored mulch creates a clean, fresh appearance and improves the aesthetics in these areas.

·         On Wednesday next week I will be hosting over 30 students from FGCU’s PGM program. Students will be educated on what it takes to operate a golf maintenance facility including cultural programs, machinery maintenance and member communications. It should be a great event and I am proud to have been asked to participate.

·         Next week we will be working on the landscaping around the bathrooms and improving the landscaping to the right of Hole 11 greens complex and lake bank.

·         On a personal note, I was recently featured in a promotional video for our Trimax Snake rough mower. It’s always interesting seeing yourself on tv 😊. If you are interested in seeing the video, click on the following link:

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