Tuesday, November 26, 2019

FYI 11/22/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         Tina Fry is the Manager on Duty this weekend and will be preparing for the Veterans Event 1 PM shotgun on Saturday. We will have USA flags and cup liners on Holes 9 and 18.

·         The Ladies One Day Invitational was a great success with the course and greens receiving many compliments. The decorative tee markers are used on Ladies Day to add a little extra color and flare to their events and it is greatly appreciated by the CLGA.

·         The microdochium, or Pink Snow Mold, disease found on the Tees remains persistent and is becoming noticeable in other areas throughout the course, in particularly the rough. Spot treatments of a labeled plant protectant will be applied early next week to the affected areas.

·         All bunkers were edged this week to eliminate turf encroachment and to provide a crisp definition around the perimeter of the sand. Our bunker appearance continues to receive many compliments from our golfers.

·         The weather continues to provide its challenges. Last weekend there was very little sunshine due to the overcast conditions coupled with dry and cold winds. As previously mentioned, our warm season Celebration bermudagrass does not respond well and begins to lose its dark green color, particularly in the rough where the higher height of cut makes it more susceptible. We will be applying a liquid fertilizer to the Rough this coming week to encourage new growth and improved color.

·         Drainage basins are being leveled throughout the back 9 Holes. Over the years, organic matter builds up and creates a noticeable difference from the top of the basin to the surrounding turf grass. It is a tedious task; however, the finished results provide for a substantially improved appearance and makes it easier for our mowers. Thank you to Luis Altuzar and Matias Andres for their work.

·         The new landscaping plants and annual flowers have been installed at the bathrooms on Hole 4 and 14. The improvements are significant and have already received many compliments from passing golfers. Please know that it will take some time for the plants to mature and fill in. Thanks to Green Committee Member, Helga Reynolds, for her assistance with the project. Compliments to my staff for their efforts this week.

The finished product on Hole 14

·         A new device has been installed on all putting green flags to assist in retrieving your golf ball from the cup. This device eliminates the need to reach into the cup with your hand or the dreaded ball retriever found on some members putters. Golfers simply raise the flag stick up to a height that they can then lift off their golf ball without bending over. Brilliant!
The addition of the device will help protect the integrity of the cup edge throughout the day.

The EZ Ball Remover in use on Hole 3

Hole 3 on November 22, 2019 – Blue Sky and 80 degrees – what a day!

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