Friday, December 6, 2019

FYI 11/29/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         David Forrey is the manager on duty this weekend.

·         The golf course was fertilized with a granular product last Thursday to help maintain the color and health of the turf.

·         All Tees were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer and natural fungicide today, Friday, to help with their recovery from the disease we experienced several weeks ago. Fairways will be sprayed on Monday.

·         All greens were fertilized with a granular potassium product on Tuesday after the morning shotgun. The potassium helps with plant strength and minimizes drought stress. Our greens are in excellent condition and have been receiving many compliments. I appreciate the efforts of our mechanic, Roman Gomez, for his extra attention in keeping the mowers adjusted and sharp daily.

·         Our Tee and Approach mowers have had smooth rollers installed on them, replacing the grooved rollers used during the growing months. The smooth rollers help protect the turf especially where the mowers turn and can potentially dig in. In January our fairway mowers will have smooth rollers installed on them.

·         We have been concentrating on detailing the golf course with trimming, edging and cleaning. Everything from flagsticks to Out-Of-Bounds stakes and Street signs have been sprayed and wiped down. As the saying goes; “The difference is in the details!”
·         Thank you to Tina Fry for her suggestion on cleaning the white Out-Of-Bounds stakes that were showing signs of Algae forming on them.

·         Thank you to Ricardo Gomez for repairing an erosion area near the Blue Tee on Hole 16. The soil had washed away creating a dangerous and unsightly area. The soil was pulled back and riprap installed to prevent future issues.

·         Thank you to Carlos Martinez for trimming Palm Trees throughout the course to provide more sunlight to the turf under them. All Palm trees are scheduled to be trimmed in July next year.

·         There are going to be many of our staff enjoying their remaining vacation days over the next 5 weeks. With turf growth slowing down substantially, it is a good time of year for our staff to take a much-deserved break.

·         Overall, the golf course remains in good condition. There is some cooler weather forecast for the coming week which will have a negative effect on our warm season grass. I encourage all members to respect the golf course by filling divots, repairing ball marks, keeping 4 wheels on the path around Tees and Greens and driving in the Fairways and not the rough. With your help, the turf will remain in great condition for all to enjoy.

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