Friday, August 26, 2011

Changes to the golf course

If you are playing golf at Copperleaf over the next two weeks you will notice several areas where orange paint has been marked on the turf.
The paint is used to guide the machine operators where to mow. There are several areas throughout the course that are being scalped down to a new mowing height, whereas there are other areas that will not be mowed to enable them to reach their new height as either a fairway or rough cut.
This area on hole 18 has been extended to act as golf ball catcher. It will allow golfers to easily put back onto the putting green.

Tees will also have paint marks on them as we enlarge the teeing surface in preparation for the upcoming golfing season. This will allow for more tee locations and ultimately provide increased time for the turf grass to recover from divots and golfer traffic.

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