Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mole Update part 2

After several weeks of limited activity around the hole 12 green complex, the Mole returned with a vengeance and tunneled its way on the green over the past weekend.
The damage was quite severe and took 2 employees all day on Monday to repair the putting green surface.

Mole damage on hole 12 green

On Tuesday morning, I came to Copperleaf at 4 am to try and capture the pest personally. When I arrived, the Mole had already been busy and tunneled back onto the putting green. After viewing some activity, I made several attempts to dig down and capture it but without success.

This is what the green looked like at 2:30 am
On the following day, Wednesday, I came to Copperleaf at 2:30 am, determined to rid us of this nuisance once and for all. It had already made progress deep into the green and I was confident I was in the right location to trap it. To my utmost disappointment, the Mole somehow avoided my attack and was gone. After waiting patiently in complete darkness for another 2 hours, I made another attempt and was finally rewarded with the Mole's capture.

This is the Mole in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket

It is truly remarkable that such a small animal can cause such destruction. It is the about the size of a large thumb with sharp digging claws and covered in fur. Needless to say, this Moles tunnelling days are now over.

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