Friday, August 26, 2011

I-75 Berm

I am pleased to announce that the CDD approved to spend up to $13,000 to install 3,000 1 gallon Florida Slash Pines along the outside perimeter of Copperleaf, Shadow Wood and Lighthouse Bay.

Once the construction work on the concrete fence was complete, a local company, Earth Balance, quickly moved in to weed eat the berm before installing the plants.

Over time, these new saplings will mature into 40 to 60 foot specimen trees and provide much needed noise suppression as well as reduce maintenance practices, secure the soil with their extensive root system and prevent soil erosion.

The exposed berm along the east perimeter of Copperleaf, Shaddow Wood and Lighthouse Bay will have up to 3,000 Florida Slash Pines installed in August. In this image, the concrete fence can be seen to the left and I-75 to the far right.

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