Thursday, December 26, 2019

FYI 12-13-19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         David Forrey will be the Manager on duty this weekend

·         The greens were verticut on Monday morning to improve the turf health and to improve green speeds. They were then top-dressed and spiked on Thursday during the blocked tee times. Unfortunately, we received 4/10’s of an inch of rain that prevented us from completing Holes 16 and 17 completely. On these two greens, there was some clumping of sand that was not brushed in and rolled leaving a difficult time for those golfers that played later in the afternoon to putt accurately. I apologize for the conditions on these two greens and the inconvenience it caused.

·         All greens perimeters were edged this week to help prevent intrusion on to the putting surface from the Celebration bermudagrass. The edging also helps to define the greens perimeters and to assist with our mowers early in the morning to clearly know where the boundary is.

·         There was an issue with the greens fertilizer application last week that has caused some visual discoloration. One of the holes in the hopper that drops the fertilizer onto the spreader was blocked causing an uneven application. Once identified, additional fertilizer was applied in the missed areas and I expect to see a uniform appearance within a few days. The one positive out of this issue is that it proves that the fertilizer we are using is working effectively. I assure you that it is simply a visual issue and not one that is going to affect putting.

Some discoloration seen here on Hole 2 putting green

·         We have completed the remediation of soil erosion areas throughout the course. A combination of new soil, riprap and new plants have been used to help prevent future erosion from occurring.

·         We have been adding some additional pine straw throughout the golf course from our own stockpile and will continue to do so into the New Year to complete the application.

·         We continue to have many of our staff enjoying their remaining vacation days over the next 3 weeks. With turf growth slowing down substantially, it is a good time of year for our staff to take a much-deserved break.

·         Thank you to David Forrey for working to clean up the nursery area at Golf Maintenance. The area was quite unsightly with left over debris from the building project. We will be adding sprinklers and turf to the area at the beginning of the year to improve appearances.

·         I added some Poinsettia’s purchased at Costco to the front entrance of the Clubhouse door on Monday. The plants provide a nice addition to the Clubhouse entry.

A warm and festive appearance greets you as you enter the Club

·         Our employees enjoyed a wonderful night at Palmira this week to celebrate their hard work during the year. It was great to see them dressed up out of uniform and with their significant other. Thank you for this great event.

·         The two Osprey have been busy this week which is exciting to see. I am hopeful we will see some eggs being laid in the coming weeks.

Dinner for two?? The Osprey are enjoying some fresh fish

·         There was a water leak on Carraway Lakes Drive this week caused by tree roots girdling the BSU air relief valve. BSU was quick to respond and repair the pipe.

There was a spectacular sunrise on Friday, December 13 at the Practice Area

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