Friday, December 6, 2019

FYI 12/6/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         Tina Fry will be the Manager on duty this weekend and will have everything ready for the Men’s 1 PM Shotgun on Saturday.

·         The greens had a granular fertilizer containing both Nitrogen and Potassium applied to them on Tuesday to keep them healthy and growing as we enter the cooler months and increased golfer traffic. The greens are in very good condition and are receiving many compliments from members and guests.

·         All Fairways were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer and natural fungicide, a mineral oil, on Monday to help promote new growth and recovery from cart traffic.

Hole 10 – December 4, 2019

·         All shrubs around the Clubhouse and Common Grounds were fertilized with a controlled release fertilizer during the week. This application will help promote flowering and new growth over the coming months.

·         We have been continuing with soil erosion areas throughout the course. A combination of new soil, riprap and new plants have been used to help prevent future erosion from occurring.

·         All fire hydrants have been refurbished throughout the Community. This included paint removal, new nuts, bolts and washers and a fresh coat of paint. Compliments to Bonita Springs Utilities for their excellent work – it truly makes a difference as you drive around the property.

·         The pine straw has been applied to the golf course during the week and looks great. A few areas remain to be completed at the beginning of the new year.

·         The decorative bridges were pressure washed and cleaned during the week. I personally completed one of the bridges as my staff were a little concerned on how it was to be done. Compliments to Emanuel Vega for his assistance in getting in the boat and to Doug Garcia and Lena Tovar for helping from the shore.

Pressure washing Hole 4 Bridge

·         It is exciting to see some extra activity in the Osprey nest over the past couple of days. Fingers crossed that these two “love” birds procreate, and we can watch the nesting process.

Our Osprey, a female on the left has found a companion, a male, on the right

·         A vehicle hit a cart crossing sign on Thursday night and has not yet reported the incident. Debris collected from the site indicates that it was a 2015 to 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe or Chevrolet Suburban. I will order a new sign in early January 2020.

The damaged sign found early Friday morning

·         There are going to be many of our staff enjoying their remaining vacation days over the next 4 weeks. With turf growth slowing down substantially, it is a good time of year for our staff to take a much-deserved break.

·         I was able to provide a donated outdoor table and chairs to the staff working at the poolside café during the week. They will be able to use these to have their lunch and have a place to sit down out of view from the Members. The staff were very appreciative.

·         Overall, the golf course remains in good condition. There is some cooler weather forecast for the coming week which will have a negative effect on our warm season grass. I encourage all members to respect the golf course by filling divots, repairing ball marks, keeping 4 wheels on the path around Tees and Greens and driving in the Fairways and not the rough. With your help, the turf will remain in great condition for all to enjoy.

The sunrise to the left of Hole 9 December 4, 2019

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