Thursday, April 9, 2020

Course Closure Update #2

Due to the Corona Virus, the Copperleaf Board of Directors unanimously voted to close the golf course for play on Wednesday, March 25. The Board will be meeting routinely to determine a date to re-open the golf course and other Club amenities.

The course closure has enabled golf course maintenance to commence its usual summer cultural practices now and instead, will remain open for play in July, when the course was scheduled to be closed for 3-weeks. Other scheduled course closings will be reviewed including the Wednesday closings, scheduled to start in May and end in September and the 3-day course closure scheduled for September. The Board of Directors and General Manager, Traci Bichalski, are committed to getting our members back out onto the golf course and utilizing the clubhouse and recreational facilities as soon as possible once the Corona Virus concerns have subsided.

It has been another busy week out on the golf course. Following is a summary of what has occurred over the past 7 days:

Thursday 4-2-20
  • Garden Beds were edged on the golf course
  • All Approaches were Verticut and Vacuumed
  • Deep Tine of Fairways was completed
  • All Tees were mowed
  • Rough was mowed
  • All Common Areas were edged and mowed
  • Plants trimmed throughout the golf course
Verticutting Debris on Approaches

Sprinklers are marked with shaving cream so the machine operators see them and miss them easily. 
The foam disappears naturally within 24 hours 

Friday 4-3-20
  • Greens were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer
  • All Tee Markers were cleaned, and pressure washed ready for painting
  • Plants trimmed throughout the golf course
  • All cart paths were cleaned ready for the member access over the weekend
  • All Fairways were circle mowed
  • All Approaches were circle mowed
  • Equipment pressure washed and cleaned
  • Rough was mowed
  • Rough was vacuumed after mowing
Tee Markers cleaned and pressure washed ready to be repainted

Saturday 4-4-20
  • All Greens were mowed for the first time in over a week!

Monday 4-6-20
  • All Greens were mowed
  • All Tees were mowed
  • Equipment was cleaned and greased
  • Front 9 Fairways were mowed
  • Front 9 Fairways were verticut for the second time
  • Front 9 Fairways were blown and vacuumed
  • Rough started to be aerified and the cores dragged in
  • Palm trees throughout the golf course started to be trimmed. It will take several weeks to have this completed
Verticutting Fairways

Vacuuming Fairways

Silvestre Flores protecting himself from the dust when vacuuming!

Rough being aerified

Palm trees being trimmed on Hole 18

Tuesday 4-7-20
  • All Approaches were mowed
  • All Greens were mowed
  • Back 9 Fairways were mowed
  • All Greens were aerified with 7/8" tines at 2 inch spacing
  • All Greens were cleaned of plugs and debris
  • Back 9 Fairways were Verticut and vacuumed
  • Rough continued to be aerified and plugs dragged in
Ricardo Gomez aerifying greens

Plugs being collected and removed

Verticutting Hole 18 Fairway

We continue to catch Moles - Hole 12 this time! This trap has been the most successful for us. 
Purchased on Amazon

Wednesday 4-8-20
  • All Greens were top-dressed with sand
  • All greens were brushed to move sand into aerification holes
  • All greens were rolled
  • All greens were fertilized
  • All bunkers perimeters were mowed with Hover mowers
  • All drainage basins were cleaned and edged
  • Rough continued to be aerified and plugs dragged 
  • Rough started to be mowed
  • All Tees were verticut, cleaned and vacuumed
  • The Clubhouse grounds started to be trimmed
Dragging Rough plugs

An extraordinary amount of debris is generated during our cultural practices. It is hauled away 
and turned into compost

We certainly have a wonderful crew that can work together to complete these tasks. I can't thank our mechanics, Roman Gomez and Adan Hernandez, enough for keeping our equipment operational and ready for use. They are constantly swapping implements from one tractor to another and getting maintenance carts and mowers ready - all with a great attitude!

Thank you to our members who have commented on the incredible amount of work being carried out on the golf course. Many of them have not been here in the heat of the summer to watch this work being completed. Thankfully there has been no rain, lightning and thunder delays that occur all too often in July. We are taking advantage of the drier weather and achieving a lot. 

It is hard to believe that there was no measurable rain in March! Our lake levels are starting to go lower each day. The extended forecast shows higher rain potential in the week ahead. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at any time at

Hole 7 on Thursday April 9 - Starting to look good!

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