Wednesday, April 1, 2020

FYI 1-31-20

Golf Course Maintenance FYI 1/31/2020

·         David Dore-Smith will be the Manager on duty this weekend and will have the course ready for the Men’s Day on Saturday

·         We will be watching the weather closely as there is a forecast for rain tonight and through Saturday morning with up to an inch of rain expected

·         I attended the golf industry show this week, Monday through Thursday. It was a great event. Classes and events attended this year included:
o   Turf Solutions – everything but the kitchen sink
o   Disease Suppression without Fungicides
o   Fact, Myth or Legend – Soil and Water
o   Mindful Leadership – Finding Balance within Yourself and Your Team
o   Florida GCSA State of the Association Update – Current Board Members and Past Presidents
o   Syngenta Business Institute Alumni meeting
o   Turfnet Round Table Turf Discussion
o   Florida GCSA Reception
o   Trade Show
·         I appreciate the opportunity to attend these events and educational seminars. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills, refresh the mind and network with peers.

·         David Forrey and Tina Fry were fantastic in my absence and the golf course remains in very good condition.

·         All bunkers and basins were edged this week providing an improved appearance to the golf course.

·         All garden beds were edged this week. Bermuda grass will be treated with a herbicide next week to prevent it encroaching further into the pine straw.

·         There is some dotted orange paint along fairway and approach perimeters. This is for our operators to see where to mow. Cart and golfer traffic, coupled with slow growth, make it very difficult to see exactly where to mow in the early morning darkness.

·         Work continued around golf maintenance completing irrigation for a plant nursery area, improvements to the dumpster area and general clean up    

·         All fairways, approaches and tees will have a liquid fertilizer applied to them next week. Greens will be fertilized next week

·         All Common Ground turf will be fertilized next week

·         Our new landscape lights have arrived. 5 of them will be installed under the Royal Palms next week with the remaining lights installed later in the summer. I have already received many compliments from the improved appearance of our front entrance.

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