Wednesday, April 1, 2020

FYI 2-21-20

Golf Course Maintenance FYI 2/21/2020

·         Roman Gomez will be the Manager on duty this weekend with help from David Dore-Smith on Saturday and David Forrey on Sunday due to the Club Championship event.

·         The weather has been wonderful over the past week with blue sky and temperatures in the upper 80’s. The turf has responded extremely well to the fertilizer applications with the golf course receiving many compliments.

·         The bunker on the right side of Hole 9 green had new sand installed this week. It is one of the bunkers that needed immediate attention to replenish the sand content. A proposal will be forthcoming to the Board to replenish sand in all bunkers at a cost of $40,000. The work will be completed in-house and utilizing temporary labor. The savings are over $100,000 if we complete the project ourselves instead of utilizing an outside contractor.

·         I am currently reviewing costs to replace the pump station, as scheduled this year. Our pump station has pumped over 2.5 billion gallons of water since it was installed in early 2000. Quotes are slightly more than what was budgeted in the Reserve Fund, however, the life expectancy of the new station increases from 20 to 30+ years due to substantially improved manufacturing methods. I am hopeful to have the station replaced in June 2020 as the condition and leaks are becoming a concern on our 20-year old critical piece of equipment.

·         There are two concrete curbs around cul-de-sacs, some valley gutters and sidewalks that need to be repaired. The concrete damage has been caused by heavy trucks and tree roots. Estimated costs are approximately $20,000 and will be presented for consideration in the 2021 Budget process.

·         All Fairways and Tees were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer this week in preparation for the Club Championship this week.

·         Detail work continued through the golf course including trimming, edging, mowing, blowing and vacuuming in preparation for the Club Championship.

·         All annual flowers were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer this week. Some of my perennials, Crossandra, will be removed next week as they have not recovered sufficiently from the one day of cool weather experienced 2 weeks ago.

·         The vendor meeting held on Monday at golf maintenance was a great success. All attendees were impressed with the facility.

·         I attended the Happy Hour at the Clubhouse on Monday. I spoke to many members who complimented the golf course and my staff for their outstanding efforts.

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