Wednesday, April 1, 2020

FYI 2-28-20

Golf Course Maintenance FYI 2/28/2020

·         David Forrey will be the Manager on duty this weekend.

·         Some cooler weather has been experienced this week but has not had an impact on the turf quality. A benefit of the cooler weather is that it helps with Green Speed. Tina Fry measured the greens this morning and they were over 11 feet on the Stimpmeter. Warmer weather will be returning next week.

·         The Club Championship weekend was a great success with many compliments on the condition of the golf course and greens. Thanks to my Group A staff for working their scheduled weekend off. These employees worked 21 days in a row.

·         Dick Miller, John Rehder and I met with another pump station contractor this week and will be receiving a competitive quote from them by the end of next week. We will then schedule a time to meet with the Finance Committee to present the information for the pump station replacement.

·         All greens were verticut, topdressed with dry sand and fertilized this week to maintain their excellent health.

·         Tree trimming began throughout the property this week. Compliments to my staff for their tireless work in cutting, removing and chipping the material. It is worth mentioning that we are so thankful for the Chipper we purchased after the Hurricane. It is an incredible time saver as well as savings in material hauling.

·         Trimming of plant material throughout the Common Grounds started this week.

·         The golf course will have new pine straw installed beginning next week in preparation for the Member Classic in April.

·         Compliments to Tina Fry for assisting the Ladies “Ringer” golf events over the past two weeks. The ladies were very appreciative of the effort.

·         David Forrey is off property today completing his Green Industry Best Management Practices certification. Compliments to David for continuing his education.

·         I have offered a position to a qualified candidate to fill the one vacancy at Golf Maintenance. I am hopeful he can start next week. Thank you to Heather Becht for her assistance.

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