Wednesday, April 1, 2020

FYI 2-14-20

Golf Course Maintenance FYI 2/14/2020

·         Tina Fry will be the Manager on duty this weekend

·         There is a 40% chance of rain late Sunday which would be appreciated. Although the high temperatures of 86 degrees during the week are unseasonably warm, the Bermudagrass is appreciating it

·         The golf course was fertilized with a complete fertilizer this week to help prepare the course for the Club Championship and to also combat the high traffic. Over 6,300 golfers played in January with higher numbers expected in February and March

·         All Tees were topdressed with sand on Thursday to help dilute organic matter and improve turf health

·         All greens were verticut, topdressed and aerified this week in preparation for the Club Championship in a week’s time. All greens are healthy and in good condition

·         All Common Ground turf was mowed this week

·         All annual flowers were fertilized this week

·         David Forrey completed his recertification for his Florida Pesticide Applicator license this week

·         I am currently attending an online class learning how to use tree injection tools and products. Tree injection is the most effective method of controlling pests, particularly in palm trees. The online course will be completed in March

·         I helped the Mulcahy’s transport the easels used in the weekend art auction on Friday afternoon and again on Sunday. They were extremely appreciative of the assistance of transporting them to and from the Art Hall in Bonita Springs

·         The Nursery area at golf course maintenance is complete and looks fantastic. Compliments to David Forrey, Ricardo Gomez and Matias Andres for their efforts

·         I hosted 30 FGCU students attending the PGM program on Wednesday. They visited the maintenance facility and listened to me for 2 hours discussing golf course maintenance practices. It is a privilege to be invited again to educate the up and coming golf professionals in the area

·         One of our employees was terminated this week. He was not able to meet the requirements of the job description and perform to the expectations of this Department. I am hopeful that his position can be quickly filled by a friend or family member of our existing staff

·         There is a Green and Grounds Committee meeting scheduled for Monday at 8 AM at golf course maintenance. That meeting will be followed by a presentation from our pump station contractor discussing the options for our new pump station scheduled for replacement this summer. I have invited a member of the Finance Committee to join us so that they are fully aware of the proposal. Full details will be provided to you and the Board for review

·         I will be hosting a vendor presentation on Monday at 12 noon at golf maintenance. There will be 10 area Superintendents attending to learn the software we use to track and plan our plant health product applications. The vendor will be providing lunch for the attendees

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