Wednesday, April 1, 2020

FYI 2-7-20

Golf Course Maintenance FYI 2/7/2020

·         David Forrey will be the Manager on duty this weekend

·         Over 3 inches of rain was recorded last weekend and a further 0.5 inches last night. There was some gusty conditions overnight causing many dead palm fronds to fall and impact the golf course. It will take several days to have the fronds picked up and to get the golf course cleaned up.

·         All garden bed edges were treated this week with an appropriate herbicide to control grass encroaching into the pine straw

·         New pine straw was added to the garden beds to the left of Hole 3. The entire golf course will have new pine straw installed at the end March in preparation for the Member/Member event

·         Work continued around golf maintenance area completing the air hose line used to operate pneumatic tools, pumps and the equipment blow off area

·         Several palm trees were trimmed this week around our green’s complexes. The excess growth was causing shade issues on the putting greens. Thankfully, all palm trees are scheduled to be trimmed in July during the course closure

·         All short cut grass was fertilized this week with liquid fertilizer

·         All greens were fertilized with a complete fertilizer to promote health and recovery

·         All Common Ground turf was fertilized this week

·         Five new landscape lights were installed this week. Thanks to David Forrey, Raul Sanchez and Doug Garcia for their efforts. The 18 lights in the center islands will be replaced in May

·         Tina Fry has been attending an online turf certification class. It will take several months to complete and is been undertaken out of work hours. I compliment Tina for her dedication and willingness to continue to learn.

·         David Forrey is completing recertification for his Florida Pesticide Applicator license over the next week. Tina Fry and I already have this certification

·         The golf course will be fertilized next week during the blocked tee times on Thursday.

·         After quite a bit of effort, the Osprey Nest camera is now working again. The original camera had been knocked down by the birds and ultimately failed working. A new camera has been installed. Thanks to La Jungla for the use of their lift to get me up to the nest.

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