Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 3/15/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The warm weather coupled with no rain is starting to produce dry areas throughout the course. Compliments to our Irrigation Technician, Luis Altuzar for his tireless work on keeping up with the maintenance of our sprinklers and hand watering dry areas. It is possible that we won’t see rain for a month or two, and dry areas will become more prevalent.
·         Our irrigation computer had a massive failure on Friday night and was not repaired until Monday afternoon. Thanks to David Forrey for staying back on Saturday night to water the golf course using his handheld radio to turn sprinklers on.I came in Sunday evening to water the entire golf course with the handheld radio.
·         Asphalt preparation is complete at golf maintenance, and we are now anxiously waiting for the new black top to arrive. I am told it may not be for 10 days but am hopeful for next week. Once that is done, the project is all but complete. I have invited the Building Committee to tour the site and receive and update on Tuesday of this coming week at 11:30 AM.
·         The Home Tour was a great success with many residents touring the new facility. Thanks to David Forrey for staying back on Sunday to help walk visitors through the new facility.
·         Sod has been installed along the cart path leaving Hole 15 green to Hole 16 tee. This area needed some attention to bring it up to our standards and the new look certainly does that.
·         Tina Fry will be working this weekend, and everything is planned for the Bocce Playoffs on Saturday.
·         Thanks to Tina Fry for assisting with changing out our Flower Bowls used for Ladies events. Our original flowers had outlived their life expectancy and the new flowers look great.
·         The golf course greens were aerified with “Ninja” tines on Thursday to help alleviate compaction and to aide with water and nutrient penetration. I have received many compliments on our putting greens lately. It is the extensive cultural practices that we perform throughout the golfing season that helps keep them in great shape.
·         The golf course will be fertilized next week as we begin preparations for the Member Classic event at the beginning of April. Bunkers and Cart paths will begin to be edged along with many other details over the next 3 weeks.
·         The remaining top pavers for the staging area retaining wall were picked up by David Forrey this week and will be installed next week to finally complete this project.
·         A vehicle ran into and destroyed a speed sign along Copperleaf Blvd this week. I will obtain a price to replace and install a new sign.
·         The golf course will have pine straw applied starting on Monday. Due to high golf play, it will be a difficult process and will take 3 to 4 days to complete.
·         I have filled my vacant position with an experienced young man, Mathias. He started today and will be a welcome addition.
·         The time change certainly has a negative impact on staff. Having to get up an hour early is a real strain and the extended darkness in the mornings creates its own challenges. I, for one, will be glad when “they” commit to daylight savings year-round.
·         Overall, everything continues to look good throughout the community. Compliments to all my staff for their tireless work and attention to detail.

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