Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 5/24/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         It has been another busy week at Golf Maintenance.
·         All fairways were raked, and circle cut on Wednesday.
·         All greens were double verticut on Tuesday.
·         All greens were top-dressed with sand, aerified with small tines, dragged and then fertilized with potassium on Wednesday.
·         Typical dry areas on our greens which require daily hand watering were treated with an organic fertilizer; Humus, that will aide with moisture retention. This will ultimately improve turf conditions and eliminate, or at least reduce, the arduous task of hand-watering.
·         Roughs were mowed two times this week and the turf is now becoming more accustom to the 1.25-inch height.
·         All fairways were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer and growth regulator on Monday. The fertilizer strengthens the plant and the growth regulator minimizes grass clippings. We utilize Growing Degree Days (GDD) to determine when the next application is due. Different turf grasses and different heights of cut determine when to re-apply the growth regulator. A computer program is used to calculate the GDD and when to next apply. We utilize both soil and tissue samples to determine what fertilizers are needed so that we are providing exactly what the plant needs. Attached are examples of the lab reports received last week from 9 Green.
·         Celebration sod was installed along the edge of Hole 14 tee complex to aide in drainage.
·         St. Augustine sod was installed around the pump station to repair damage caused when the large generator was stored there.
·         Plants have been installed along the maintenance fence line and Sago Point. Pine straw will be completed on Tuesday to finally complete this project.
·         Garden beds started to be edged and treated with a herbicide to provide a crisp definition between the turf and pine straw.
·         Bunkers will begin to be edged next week.
·         Soil behind our rock walls were negatively impacted after the heavy rain events 2-weeks ago. The rain created sink holes and washouts. It will be a time-consuming task to dig behind the rocks and install new erosion material, backfill, compact and re-sod. We plan to undertake the repairs to the practice area rock wall during the course closure in July.
·         The clock meeting went well on Monday and I am now waiting on proposals for the electrical connection to finalize pricing. The rendering of the clock looks wonderful and it will be a great addition to the Club.
·         I enjoyed a tour of the golf course with Traci this morning and it was nice to showcase what golf maintenance has been doing.
·         Thanks to Heather Becht for coordinating the Health Benefits program for golf maintenance staff this week.
·         We are hosting local golf course mechanics and Superintendents at our new facility on Tuesday, May 28. People are interested in seeing the new building and to learn the successful process we undertook. A local vendor is sponsoring the event and is providing BBQ from Rib City for attendees.
·         Overall, everything continues to be very good and we remain extremely busy both on the golf course and common grounds.

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