Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 1/18/2019

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         Treatments will continue next week on the Bermudagrass Mite area. I am already seeing signs of the insect returning to areas throughout the golf course. As already mentioned, it will be a battle over the coming weeks to ensure success.
·         The maintenance building project is really showing some signs of progress. The new offices have had the drywall installed this week and gutters for the buildings are being installed. The lights for the new buildings are operational and those buildings have received a provisional Certificate of Occupancy to allow us to store equipment under the canopy. Painting of the interior walls is scheduled for next week. There was a delay in setting up the ESD wash station and it will not be fully operational on Monday afternoon next week. This will be a great help.
·         All staff are to be commended for their efforts detailing the golf course. Some creative scheduling by David Forrey with assistance from employees volunteering to work additional hours (overtime), we have been able to present the golf course to a very high standard for the Men’s Invitational.
·         Compliments to David Forrey, Roman Gomez, Jason Miller and staff for their work on the nighttime putting and chipping competition. I am aware of one complaint from a resident who was not impressed with the bright lights shining into their home. We will learn from this issue if this event occurs in the future. Overall it was a great success.
·         Fairways and Approaches were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer early this week due to the cool weather forecast. Our warm weather grass turns off-color in cool temperatures and stops growing. The fertilizer will help maintain color and encourage growth.
·         Flavio has been overseeing the installation of new plants on Sago Point and Wisteria Point this week. We expect to finish up next week followed by an installation of new pine straw.
·         The Practice Tee over-seed still looks great although it is shocking how much abuse the turf receives from the practice shots our golfers take. It will be very interesting to see what it looks like in 2 months’ time – my bet is not very good and that it will take considerable effort to have our bermudagrass recover. We are fortunate to have installed the practice mats in 2016.
·         The Green and Grounds Committee sent out the first golf course etiquette email blast this week and it has been warmly received. The Committee will continue to send out weekly reminders highlighting several areas to educate and remind our members.
·         Overall the golf course remains in good shape although you can clearly see a difference in appearance from last week to this week due to the cooler weather and heavy golfer traffic. It was interesting to attend the Golf Committee meeting last week and hear them wanting to add more golf to the already record setting 47,500 rounds. Yikes!
·         This coming week we will be topdressing the greens on Wednesday afternoon followed by aerifying on Thursday. This can only be done due to our positive relationship with a neighboring Club allowing us to borrow two machines to compliment our two machines to get the work done ahead of play. I truly do not think Members have an idea of what it takes to keep up appearances amongst all this golf. I assure you my staff does, and I can’t thank them enough!

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