Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 5/3/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         Trimming of all plant material continues throughout the golf course this week.
·         All fairways and Approaches have been re-shaped where necessary. Some fairways have been lengthened toward the tee and some have either been widened or narrowed to improve the overall appearance. It will take several weeks for the grass to acclimate to the new height.
·         Tina will be working Saturday and I will be working on Sunday this weekend.
·         All fairways were raked, and circle cut this week to improve turf quality. The raking removes thatch and overlaying turf while the circle cutting cuts off the excess leaf tissue. We will continue to perform this practice throughout the summer months.
·         All sprinkler heads were edged this week and will be completed each month throughout the summer.
·         Work continues on improving the landscape along the southern maintenance area fence. This will help the residents of Sago Pointe by blocking the chain-link fence and providing a cleaner appearance. This project will be completed this week.
·         We will continue installing plant material throughout the golf course and common grounds over the summer months.
·         The entire golf course will be fertilized this week on Wednesday. This will be a controlled release fertilizer providing nutrition to the turf for the next 2 months.
·         Cart paths will begin to be edged this week.
·         I visited a local golf course with Dick Hockman this week to see the Curfew application in person. It was interesting to see the process and to provide some ideas. Everything will be in place for our own application on June 4.
·         We are planning to host local golf course mechanics and Superintendents at our new facility at the end of May. A lot of people are interested in seeing the new building and to learn the process we undertook. 
·         Overall, everything continues to be very good.

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