Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 5/31/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         It has been another hot week outside. In fact, Monday was one of the highest temperatures for May on record with a “feel like” heat index of 104 degrees. We have been making sure our staff are well hydrated throughout the day.
·         The hot weather, coupled with no rain, are both highlighting the deficiencies of our irrigation system. Dry spots are becoming more prevalent where water coverage is inadequate. However, overall, the golf course remains in very good condition and continues to receive compliments from both members and reciprocal players. On average, we have been watering over 800,000 gallons of water per day.
·         Tina Fry applied wetting agent to all the dry areas this week to help the irrigation water penetrate into the soil. As the soil dries out it can become hydrophobic causing water to not penetrate. The wetting agent helps break water tension – like adding soap to your dish water – and allows the water to enter the soil profile and improving turf conditions. Over 12 acres were sprayed throughout the golf course. 
The dew pattern on Hole 1 after the Wetting Agent Application

·         The Memorial Day golf event was a success with golfers appreciating the American Flags both on the flag sticks and the inserts of the cups. We will do this again on July 4 and September 11.
·         Pine straw has been installed along the fence between golf maintenance and Sago Point to complete the landscaping project. It is a vast improvement from what the area looked like previously.
·         I am still waiting to confirm the electrical options for the clock. I am hopeful that we can tie into the electricity used to power the irrigation controllers on the golf course. I will be meeting with an electrician this week to confirm. If this is possible, it will be a significant savings compared to adding a new electrical service.
·         Curfew will be applied to the golf course on Tuesday of this coming week. Signs will be installed at all access points for the golf course educating residents to keep off the course for 24 hours. As a reminder, the Curfew will help control the parasitic Nematodes that feed on the turf roots impacting turf quality. Sprinklers will be running all day on Tuesday to keep the soil moist and to help with recovery from the machines.
·         During the application, our staff will be trimming around the clubhouse, tennis courts and common grounds to keep them off the course.
·         Bunkers began to be edged this week and will be completed next week during the course closure.
·         Greens will be fertilized with a blend of both nitrogen and potassium next week.
·         We hope to complete the installation of new sprinklers along the fence of Hole 6 this coming week. New plants will then be installed in open areas.
·         Over 40 new Cabbage Palms will be installed on Wednesday next week including Holes 4, 6, 7, 18 and between 16 and 17. An outside contractor will perform the work.
·         The South Florida Water Management irrigation permit was renewed this week and will be in effect for 20 years. As a reminder, now that we have our own permit, we are saving the Club over $80,000 per year.
·         Unfortunately, we did have to put one of cats, Garfield, down last week. He had developed Glaucoma in one eye, was in pain and did not have a good prognosis. Thanks to Tina Fry for all her help in looking after Garfield. He will be missed :(
·         I have secured another Florida Golf Course Best Management Practices education event for August at our clubhouse. This has become an annual event for local Superintendents to become certified in Golf Course BMP’s. David Forrey, Tina and I are all certified.
·         I attended a board meeting for the Environmental Research and Education Foundation on Friday of which I am a board member. As previously mentioned, many local governments are adding additional fertilizer restrictions to the State 4-month blackout period of June 1 to September 30. Thankfully, Lee County has not made any changes; however, Alachua County (Gainesville area) has just placed an 8 month ban on all Nitrogen and Phosphorous applications. The City of Naples is meeting on June 11 to increase their blackout period and implement a limit of 4 lbs. total nitrogen application for the year regardless of turf species. So far golf courses and professional sports fields are exempt, however, it does affect our Common Grounds. Unfortunately, peer reviewed science and professional recommendations are being ignored in favor of emotion.
·         Overall, the golf course continues to be in very good condition and our staff are working very well together. The Wednesday closures are extremely beneficial to our productivity.

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