Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 2/8/19


Golf Maintenance FYI

·         Amazing what a difference a week makes. The golf course turf has enjoyed the warmer weather and longer daylight hours coupled with the rain and fertilizer last week and is looking “alive” again. Our greens are healthy, and I am receiving numerous compliments on the overall condition of the course. Compliments to our mechanic, Roman Gomez, for continuing to provide the necessary equipment as needed and for maintaining the outstanding quality of cut on our cutting units.
·         Our first of the year pre-emergent herbicide application will be completed next week that will prevent both Crabgrass and Goose grass from germinating. A follow-up application will be completed in 8 weeks as budgeted.
·         The maintenance building project remains on target. The drop ceiling is being installed this week and flooring to commence next week. The Committee toured the facility this week and were impressed with progress. Thank you to David Forrey, Ricardo Gomez and Emanuel Vega for installing pavers in front of the new building entrance doors.
·         The retaining wall outside the golf shop is all but complete. 20 cap pieces have been ordered to finalize the project. I have received many compliments from our members and the staff involved are to be commended for their hard work. Flowers will be added in the beds next to the steps next week.
·         Greens were verticut and fertilized this week to maintain their health and provide quality putting conditions. In fact, greens will be lightly verticut each week for the foreseeable future.
·         Tees and Par 3 Approaches were applied with a liquid fertilizer today and all fairways will be completed over the weekend and Monday.
·         A few broadleaf weeds have been observed throughout the golf course and are being treated with a selective herbicide. Thanks to Tina Fry for overseeing our herbicide applications and directing the employees where to go and what to spray.
·         New plants have been installed on Hole 3, 8, 11 and 14 along with some St. Augustine sod in various locations throughout the common grounds. I continue to receive compliments on the overall appearance of the front entrance and common grounds which is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Flavio Lopez for his hard work.
·         An application of pine straw to the golf course has been scheduled for the week of March 18. This will be in time for the Member/Member event in April and will be a nice addition to the overall appearance of the course as well as benefit weed suppression and erosion as we approach the rainy season. The course will have pine straw applied again in the November/December time frame.
·         Overall, everything is going very well, and it is personally satisfying seeing so many members enjoying the golf course and grounds and hearing their compliments. Our staff are to be commended, as usual, for their hard and tireless work.

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