Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 3/29/19

Golf Maintenance FYI
·         The rain last week is already long forgotten as the warm, dry weather returned along with windy conditions. Our sandy soils quickly dry out and expose “hotspots” in the turf. David Forrey and Luis Altuzar have worked hard to adjust the irrigation computer and hand water needed areas. I am closely watching the weather forecast for the next week as we prepare for the Member/Member event as there is currently a 50% chance of rain on the Friday and Saturday. A ½“ of rain at night would be great 😊
·         The asphalt has been completed at golf maintenance and we couldn’t be happier. The noise and dust are now a thing of the past. Parking spots will be painted today or tomorrow and final clean up scheduled for next week. Everything remains on schedule and on budget. Looking at the calendar, perhaps Tuesday, April 16 is a possible date for a Member Open House. That is the week before Easter and before some of Members think about heading back North. What are your thoughts?
·         David Forrey will be working this weekend.
·         The golf course was fertilized this week with a quick release fertilizer to encourage new growth prior to the Member event next week. All fairways, tees and approaches will be sprayed with a liquid fertilizer next week to have the turf in great condition.
·         All Bunkers were aggressively raked this week to ensure an even cover of sand. It has become quite apparent that many of our bunkers need to be replenished with new sand as there is less than 4 inches of material in many of them. The sand is blown out through wind or hit out by golfers. The Hurricane did not help either. This creates inconsistencies and maintenance challenges. The Reserve Fund has bunker sand replenishment scheduled for every 10 years, or 2025. There is no way we can go that long without replenishing sand and so I will be requesting to change that schedule to every 5 years.
·         Greens were verticut, top-dressed with sand and fertilized with potassium this week. The potassium will help strengthen the plant and improve water use. The greens will be in great condition for the Member/Member next week. Not too fast but very smooth.
·         All shrubs throughout the Common Grounds were fertilized this week – Thank you Flavio.
·         La Jungla is scheduled to trim all Common Ground plants starting next week. They are scheduled to complete this 3-times per year.
·         Overall, everything continues to look good throughout the community. Golf Maintenance staff are working well, and we currently have no vacancies. I did speak with Cesar Mathurin this week and followed up with his daughter to discuss his long-term goals at Copperleaf. Cesar is now 72 years old and I have confirmed that this will be his last year at Copperleaf. He plans to retire at the end of the year. Cesar is the longest tenured employee having worked here since October 1, 2001. I am hopeful the Club can recognize his efforts and dedication in some form upon his retirement.

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