Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 4/5/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The golf course is in good condition for the Member/Member event currently under way. We have been fortunate with the rain not affecting play although I won’t be disappointed if we receive some rain events in the coming weeks. Lake levels are starting to drop and dry spots on the golf course are beginning to appear. I continue to receive many compliments from the membership on the appearance of both the course and common grounds.
·         The building project is complete. I walked the facility with Jimmy Paquette, our construction company owner, and had them complete some minor “punch list” items this week. The final invoice has been submitted for payment and we remain below budget. There are some small items to be completed either this year or next including an electrical transfer switch for a generator and canvas awnings above the entry doors. Some basic landscaping will be installed next week by our staff around the building. Compliments to David Forrey for hanging blinds in all the offices this week.
·         Tina Fry and I will be working this weekend. We will all be starting at 5 AM both Saturday and Sunday so that we can have the course prepared for the 8:15 AM and 8 AM shotguns respectively.
·         All fairways, tees and approaches were sprayed with a liquid fertilizer on Monday to have the turf in great condition for the tournament.
·         Greens have been mowed and rolled each day this week and are in tournament condition. Compliments to our mechanics, Roman Gomez and Adan Hernandez, for their attention to the cutting units on all machines this week. The greens will be fertilized next week to help continue their excellent health.
·         La Jungla continues to trim all Common Ground plants this week and are performing a nice job. The common grounds remain in very good condition.
·         I have provided an employee spotlight article for the next Leaf. It highlights the 3 female workers at golf maintenance, Tina, Lena and Noelia. I hope the members will appreciate the article. I have also prepared another article for the State Superintendent magazine this week describing the challenges faced with the Bermudagrass Mite. It is a privilege to be asked to contribute to peer magazines.
·         I continue to review all the many facets of the golf maintenance operation to ensure best pricing for our products and maximizing the benefits of both fertilizer and plant health products. I probably don’t highlight all the savings and negotiations enough as it is simply something I just do and have always done. Please know that I always have the best interest of Copperleaf in mind and to maximize every dollar of the budget.
·         Our tennis courts will have their quarterly maintenance performed on Monday next week. Additional clay will be applied, and the courts will be raked, brushed and rolled.
·         Something fun today as I handed out the paychecks to the staff was to hand out each check as an award followed by raucous applause by the other staff. It was quite funny and thoroughly enjoyed by all. 
·         David Forrey will be enjoying some time off with family that are visiting over the next few days which is thoroughly deserved.
·         Overall, everything continues to look good throughout the community. Golf Maintenance staff are working well, and we currently have no vacancies.

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