Friday, June 21, 2019

FYI 6/21/2019

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The golf course continues to look good and receive positive comments from both our Members and Reciprocal players.
·         The heat index continues to rise with constant “feel like” temperatures approaching 108 degrees. The strenuous work performed by our staff is greatly appreciated.
·         We continue to trim plant material throughout the golf course with Holes 1 and 2 nearing completion. Some plants are pruned quite heavily to remove dead and woody material which then promotes new, succulent growth.
·         We did experience some rain during the week which kept the course wet in some areas. Thank you to Tina Fry for placing directional signs and stakes throughout the course to prevent cart path restrictions.
·         Compliments to the golf maintenance staff for preparing the course for the local Assistant Golf Professionals on Thursday. Our very own AJ Pasqual shot an impressive 68 from the Blue Tees. Well done AJ!
·         All greens were verticut this week to remove excess growth and improve ball speed. Greens will be top-dressed with sand and fertilized with potassium next week. The potassium will help with the extreme weather conditions as it improves turf strength against drought and heat. The sand top-dressing will help to dilute organic material in the soil and provide a firm surface.
·         Washouts along some of the lake banks and rock walls have been filled in this week and will continue into next week.
·         The 3-Day Trees Florida conference was excellent. I was able to learn many new ideas that can be implemented here at Copperleaf including Palm tree health, structural tree trimming and improved cultural practices for our shrubs.
·         Overall, everything is going very well. Our turf health continues to improve from the Curfew application and there is some nice definition between the fairways and rough.

·         A reminder that the course will be closed for major cultural practices starting Monday July 8 and re-open Monday July 29. Please plan your vacations accordingly 😊

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