Monday, June 10, 2019

FYI 3/8/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         The golf course remains in very good condition. Some additional cultural practices to the greens over the past 10 days have provided some quick green speeds and smooth putting conditions. There should be no surprises for the Men’s Spring Invitational on Monday.
·         It was exciting to have lunch in our new breakroom on Friday. It was the first time ever that we have all had lunch in the same room at golf maintenance. It was nice to have Traci visit with us for lunch. I was able to recognize the efforts of all of my employees and especially David Forrey who received a round of applause from all.
·         Asphalt preparation has started for the parking lot and we anticipate everything to be completed within 2 weeks. Again, I can’t thank David Forrey enough for his efforts on this project. From pouring concrete to hanging tv’s;  he truly has done it all.
·         Compliments to my staff for their hard work preparing the golf course this week as well as extra attention at the maintenance facility installing safety bollards, cleaning up debris, installing lockers and overall detail work as we prepare for the Home Tour on Sunday. Everything will be as good as it can be for the tour although we will look forward to showcasing the finished product with an Open House for all members toward the end of the month or perhaps the week after the Member/Member event.
·         Compliments to David Forrey and Tina Fry for their outstanding efforts in preparing the golf course for the Ladies Invitational on Thursday. Everyone had a great day and were appreciative of the extra effort.
·         I was invited to the CMGA Board meeting on Thursday where event preparation for the golf course was discussed. Overall, the meeting went very well and I believe they were impressed with the level of thought that goes into our premier golf events. I encouraged them that the Chairman of the CMGA communicate with either Jason Miller or myself with any constructive comments prior to, and during, the event to ensure that everything is meeting their expectations.
·         David Forrey will be working this weekend, and everything is planned for the Brooks tennis event on Sunday.
·         David Forrey and I will be at Golf Maintenance on Sunday for the Home Tour where over 150 people are expected to attend. Wish us luck!
·         Our Food and Beverage Assistant Managers received a welcome surprise this week. We re-purposed some of our old desks and filing cabinets from golf maintenance for their office. It is a great improvement and they were extremely thankful. Thanks to Corey and Gio for their assistance.
·         The golf course will have blocked tee times this Thursday to allow for the aerification and fertilizing of the greens. Tee times will start off Hole 1 only after the morning Shotgun is completed.
·         Overall, everything continues to look good throughout the community.

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