Friday, June 21, 2019

FYI 6/14/19

Golf Maintenance FYI

·         Not to sound like a broken record but it was yet another hot week at Copperleaf. The "feel like" temperature on most days was over 108 degrees. Compliments to my staff for working long hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get our tasks done.
·         A special thanks to Clare and Ed Donahue and Lora and Ike Eikelberner for providing our staff with some Gatorade this week to quench their thirst and replace lost electrolytes.
·         Another special thank-you to Len Godfrey for providing pizza for the staff on Wednesday. It was greatly appreciated by all the staff.
·         The damage to the turf from the Curfew application continues to heal quickly. I have been very impressed with the recovery and the overall improved appearance of the course.
·         All Tees, Approaches and Fairways were circle cut this week. Circle cutting eliminates thatch and grain and provides an improved appearance by allowing the ball to sit up, rather than down, into the turf. It also allows for an improved aftercut appearance from our mowers.

Circle Cutting Hole 6

Aftercut appearance Hole 3

·         All greens were verticut this week to improve ball speed and reduce thatch and grain. Verticutting involves thinning out the turf grass and helps with smoothing the playing surface. This process generates a lot of grass clippings due to its aggressive nature.

Verticutting Hole 1 Green

The verticut cut lines are visible until being mowed. Our current Height of cut is 0.100.

·         All Roughs were sprayed with a growth regulator this week to reduce grass clippings and provide consistent playing conditions.
·         David Forrey and I attended an advanced irrigation class this week. It was a great class that refreshed our memories and provided some new ideas to improve the efficiency of our irrigation system.
·         I will be attending a 3-day Trees Florida conference next week. I will be attending classes each day and securing CEU’s to maintain my Certified Arborist license.
·         We experienced 1.2 inches of rain last night. The rain was absorbed quickly and there were no restrictions this morning. Thanks to Tina Fry for setting up the golf course ready for play.
·         Overall, everything is going very well. The rain last night was a welcome relief to help with some developing dry areas on the course.

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